Tuna Melt: Rube Goldberg Machine Video by A-Trak and Tommy Trash…Pretty Tasty

rube goldberg machine video tuna melt sticks and balls

I love the crap out of carefully planned and created, utter wastes of space and time- especially when they zip around and explode themselves! Domino set-ups, strange musical instruments, stacks of interesting materials- watch any Rube Goldberg machine video and you’ll see exactly what I mean. In fact, watch this Rube Goldberg machine video; if you love this sort of thing as much as I do, it definitely won’t disappoint you. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, here’s a quick spoiler: EVERYTHING FALLS DOWN AND JUMPS AND EXPLODES AND FLUFFS EVERYWHERE. The rad video is after the jump.

Tuna Melt: A 3:30 Domino Maze & Rube Goldberg Machine Video by A-Trak and Tommy Trash

rube goldberg machine video tuna melt domino tower

I think it’s safe to say that most of us spent an inordinate amount of time as kids stacking and arranging all of our toys and every other priceless heirloom that wasn’t nailed down. Often, as a hard lesson that needed to be learned, we discovered that shattering glassware and scattering crap all over the house was the quickest way to catch a beating.  I still find myself rearranging anything left laying around while I happen to be waiting, but strangely enough have never given any thought to creating a Rube Goldberg machine now that I’m master of my own domain. Even with no one to yell at me, expendable income used to collect a bunch of neat stuff, and the fascinating brand of creativity that comes from drinking to excess, I’ve just never gotten around to it. So when I see a really well executed, exceptionally pointless display of time-waster engineering, I get right into it.

rube goldberg machine video tuna melt cups and sticks

The video is for A-Trak and Tommy Trash’s new song ‘Tuna Melt.’ Now listen, I know that it was shot in sections. It’s beautifully produced, but there are a few very small giveaways; you can forgive the video this simply because of the genius use of slight slow downs in the playback to emphasize the track, and flawless chase scenes through the house. So don’t go all internet detective here, just enjoy seeing everything fall down and know that you don’t have to clean it up.

The track itself is slick too, but if I had it pumping there’s no way I could keep composed enough to get anything done, let alone the fiddly crap required to create a first rate display like this. Do you have a favorite Rube Goldberg machine video? Do you stack cats in your basement and then push them over to see what happens? Share with me! Otherwise I’ll get evicted after using shot glasses instead of dominoes and turning our hallway into a death trap filled with shards of glass and broken childhood dreams.

[Thanks, Geekologie!]


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