The TIHK – A Stealthy Handcuff Key for EDC

hidden handcuff key

If the EDC community had a motto, I think it would be better safe than sorry!.

EDC enthusiasts, or Everyday Carry for those of you not in the know, like to be prepared. They often carry knives, flashlights, paracord, fire starters… you name it. All in the name of preparedness. It makes quite a bit of sense, really.

How often have you needed a Flathead screwdriver while you’ve been on the go? Or even a small utility knife? What about a handcuff key to escape from captors? Hopefully you’ve never experienced the latter, but it’s possible, and there just so happens to be a really stealthy solution.

A Discrete Handcuff Key

A few years ago I covered a paracord bracelet with a hidden handcuff key built into the clasp. Simple and effective, but not very discrete. Also, I don’t really like wearing things on my wrists. Seriously, who wears watches these days?

Anyway… I’ve found something much better, and it’s called The TIHK.

It’s a tiny reinforced polymer handcuff key with a clip.

Watch this video to see why that’s so useful.

Right, so if you haven’t figured out why the little attachment clip is so useful, well… this collage should help a bit.

attaching handcuff key

I think attaching it to the back, middle belt loop would be the ideal placement, but I suppose attaching it to an inner tag would work fine too. Not quite as accessible, but a lot more discrete.


Now, not to play the “if only I had thought of this!” card, but yeah, I totally thought of this idea years ago and never acted on it. So to the TIKH crew, good on you for putting this together and marketing it. I actually just realized that you ran an IndieGoGo campaign too, oops!

Oh, and I guess you may want to buy one as well. You can pick up a 2-Pack of The TIKH for $13 on the official website.


  1. says

    Why would you not wear a watch? Not only does an analog watch tell the time (useful, who knew?), but you can also use it as a compass (even more useful!). But whatever, to each their own. 😉

  2. spudgered says

    Chad dude, why would any law abiding citizen need a handcuff key?!? Unless you’ve been engaged in nefarious activity, or don’t totally trust your bdsm partner, then this gadget is completely and utterly pointless.

  3. GnomeGuy says

    So when you arrested and the police notice you get out of your handcuffs, then they’ll pull there weapons on you. No thanks, id rather just be handcuffed.

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