The Ultimate Cyberpunk Lego City – Cyberpocalypse at BrickFair 2013


If you didn’t play with Lego as a child, there was probably something deeply wrong about you. That, or your parents didn’t realize how inexpensive the stuff was at places like The Works. I couldn’t get enough of these little blocks of joy.

There’s nothing quite like the freedom one experiences while building massive, completely implausible structures (or entire cities) entirely out of Lego while laying down on one’s play mat in the summer sun. If I could do it now without attracting too many funny looks, well… I would be flying out the door this very moment wearing a onesie, bucket of Lego in tow, ready to create a massive dystopian city lifted straight from the pages of Neuromancer. Sadly, a group of people at BrickFair 2013 beat me to the punch.

Cyberpocalypse at BrickFair 2013

I wrote about an awesome Fallout inspired Lego scene a few months ago, and as I type these words I’m beginning to realize that there’s a pattern arising from my choice of Lego art to post up here on Unfinished Man. Yes, there’s just something about a neon infused future that gets me going, and these guys certainly nailed it.

Created by Carter Baldwin and his comrades Nate BrillForest KingIgnacio Bernaldez, Kyle VrezeSam Wormuth, Chris Edwards, and Alex Valentino, these Lego masters have successfully created a beautifully crafted world of future past. There’s neon, bad clothes, seemingly eternal darkness, and the kind of architecture that would make a Russian architect glow with satisfaction.


I hadn’t thought about this until now, but it’s kind of impressive that these guys worked in actual lighting into the signs and city-scape. Perhaps I’m behind the times here, but since when is Lego powered? That must be something new, or completely custom. Feel free to enlighten me.


Hey, I think I see my parents up there, circa 1982, heading out for a night on the town.


The tugboat is a really interesting touch. I didn’t realize the city was inundated by water like say, Venice, but it’s an excellent idea. Imagine what a futuristic Venice would be like, boats gently drifting past as you enjoy some Omegendorph with friends.


I’m afraid that’s it for now, but if you want to see this exhibit in person, you’ll actually be able to do so at BrickFair 2013 on August 3rd. I bet you’ll see a whole lot of other awesome models and scenes there as well.


  1. Felix says

    A wonderful childhood memory inducing article. BUT, isn’t that entirely the point? As Lego is a juvenile pastime and not something that allegedly grown men should be constructing, especially given the time involved to make such a metropolis. I’ll guarantee that none of the guys involved have wives or girlfriends! 😉

  2. grunt says

    such a boring, boring and useless worldview, felix. and this is coming from a well adjusted adult. seriously, how does one grow and and become so utterly detached from simple fun. i bet you’re one of those people who say “wow, this guy must’ve been on drugs LOL” everytime you see something creative that doesn’t fit into your narrowminded view on what art is supposed to be.

  3. Retail says

    If I had to guess it seems to be from the anime movie Ghost in the Shell, I could be wrong but it looks like it to me.

  4. Jush says

    Having read the comments I feel like I need to congratulate everyone on a job well done in a very thorough take down of Felix the Loser. Nice work.

  5. slayer of felix says

    Awrsome creation.

    I had a Lego mech that had a clear tube with a little light and battery thing. When you pressed a button the tube lit up red.

    Felix your a cunt.

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