Tick of Approval by Aldous Massey – The Stuff of Beautiful Nightmares


I saw this set of illustrations about a week ago, and I’ve been sitting on them the entire time. Why? Well, I just couldn’t quite figure out how to describe them.

I can tell you that the collection is called The Tick of Approval, and that they were created by the very talented Aldous Massey, but beyond that? Well, they remind me a bit of a mix between a piece by M. C. Escher and a Tron concept painting. I just can’t quite figure it out, and yet here I am transfixed, debating whether I should get these printed to hang on my spare walls. My walls that could really use something more unique than a dated coat of plain white paint.

Aldous Gets my Tick of Approval

Before I leave you in piece to enjoy the artwork, I want to try and set the mood a little bit here. So imagine, if you will, drinking a lot one night. I mean like, a lot… pass out drunk. You start to see a pale pink light filtering through your partially closed eyelids, and when you open them… silence. Around you is nothing but what looks like a rather pink holodeck and one giant, gaping mouth.


This is one of my favorites, but for all the wrong reasons. I can’t help but think of a classic internet image that involved a man, his exit port, and a ring adorned hand spreading something wider than anyone has business spreading such things. His “work” defied what should be humanly possible, and so does this.


I finished off here with a piece that is, in my opinion, the most 80s of the bunch. I love the 80s. There was (some) great music, there was neon, and most importantly, I was born.

More Aldous Massey?

Have you had enough yet? I hope not, because Aldous has a lot more work to share with you. In fact, he has an entire website that’s absolutely riddled with his fantastic artwork, from photo manipulations to illustrations, he’s done it all.

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