The ‘Humdinga’ and ‘Phibian’ by Gibbs Technologies

Humdinga amphibious vehicle by Gibbs

The Humdinga by Gibbs

Although it will never be, the idea of having a vehicle that can do everything, much like the Transformers, is something that has kept grown men awake at night for decades. Some progress has been made in recent times with vehicles such as the Model 367 but that’s not even close to how we imagine it. Although though we are nowhere near having awesome flying cars, progress is being made in other areas – amphibious vehicles.

Gibbs Amphibians – the creators of the Aquada amphibious sports car and Quadski ATV/Jet-Ski – now have a pair of vehicles called the Phibian and the Humdinga. Both vehicles are capable of driving at highway speeds (100 mph) on the road and up to 40 mph on the water.

Don’t let a corny name like Humdinga fool you. The beast measures 21.5 feet in length and is powered by a supercharged V8 producing 350 horsepower and capable of carrying up to seven people. The larger sister (ha!), is 30 feet in length and goes by the name of Phibian. And just like my ex-girlfriend’s older, larger sister – the Phibian at least has a big heart. And by big heart, I mean a 500 horsepower turbo diesel engine that powers the all-wheel drive system or a pair of water jet drives when in the water. The Phibian is capable of carrying up to 15 passengers.

Amphibious Gibbs Vehicles

The Phibian by Gibbs

Both of the vehicles are able to make the transition from land to water and back in a short amount of time. These vehicles can be used for multiple applications such as military, police, search and rescue, or even a tour company.

Humdinga amphibious vehicle by Gibbs

The Humdinga by Gibbs

Check out Gibbs Amphibians for details on all their vehicles.

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