The Bubble Baba Challenge – Sex Doll Race

Sex Doll Race in Russia

Sex Doll Race in Russia

The Russians sure know how to have fun. When they’re bored, they have Cell Phone Fights or cruise around in $300 Million Yachts. But what do you get when you have a large group of bored Russians? What you get is quite unique and I have not seen anywhere else. Using “A sex doll as a means of transportation” is what goes down in Russia and that also happens to be the slogan for the 2011 Bubble Baba Challenge.

The challenge involves over 800 dudes who use sex dolls as a flotation device as they race down the Vuoska River near St. Petersburgh, Russia. Dmitry Bulowinov came up with this idea for the race when no women showed up for a party he hosted. This year is the 3rd annual event and continues to grow. I’m sure the event is not the only thing “growing” when all these guys get together.

Check out the video and pictures below. Don’t forget to check out English Russia for more details about the 2011 Bubble Baba Challenge and you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of erotic pictures waiting for you as well.

800 guys with sex dolls racing in a river in Russia

Love dolls being prepped for the Bubble Baba Challenge Race

Sex Doll Race in a Russian River

Russians swimming with sex dolls

Russian race in the Vuoska River

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