The Benefits of Dating An Older Woman


Sure Demi Moore made it hip, but the “allure of the cougar” has been planted in Unfinished Men’s minds for generations.  There are some major advantages to dating an older woman which we may have you reconsidering your habit of chasing those 22 year old administrative assistants around the bar another day longer.  Buckle your seatbelts as I indulge in sweeping generalities and dangerous characterizations all for the sake of good reading.

She’s A Developed Woman

The best part of dating older women is they’re not searching as much for who they are.  They are more confident, self assured and grounded.   You’re less apt to experience heavy drama or wild mood swings as you might with a younger woman.  She’s worked all that out and now knows who she is and what she wants.

Lucky for you…she wants you!  There’s less game playing with older women.  They tend to be more direct and open with their attraction to you.  The guessing games disappear and the indulgence ensues.

She’s Got Some Money

She likely has achieved some level of success in her career, so she won’t be leaning on you to pick up the tab every time you do anything.  She might treat you to a nice weekend away or a big night out simply because she enjoys your company.  Younger girls don’t tend to do that as much.

You’re less likely to be dealing with the recently graduated student with no plan for working down her massive debt here.  You’ll be dating some one that has the means and you won’t have to worry about drowning in her financial wake should you stay together.

Her Sex Drive Is On Overdrive

Of course you’ve probably heard that women enter their sexual prime between ages 30-40.  It can take women time to be able to really tune into their own bodies and release all of that over thinking that limits their enjoyment in their 20s.

The older women I’ve experienced were extremely sensual, open-minded and more likely to take their time about enjoying and providing pleasure.  Enjoy the ride boys!

She’s Less Needy

Older women tend to be more independent and don’t need you to perfect.  She is more likely to enjoy you for you and less likely to expect you to be SuperMan all the time.  This comes back to experience in that she’s lived a bit more and is more likely to understand that men are a package of good and bad qualities.

She will be less likely to run if things get shaky and more apt to be consistent in her interaction.  Just like men, women come into their own as they get older and experience only comes through living.

Let’s Be Honest – You’ve Always Wanted To

Come on, it’s me here you’re talking to.  It’s ok to admit that from the first time you saw that hot teacher, your older sister’s sexy friend or your friend’s Mom that was always the talk of the teenage boys that you dreamed of one day fulfilling this fantasy.

You can revel in the age inappropriateness of your relationship and use it as a source of fun chiding and bubbling sexual energy.

Indulge in the company of an older woman and enjoy the pleasure of a fully realized woman.


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    older woman can be really tough on copulation. What i like about them they know how to love a person and they love,loving you. Sometimes you can think as if they is no one who love you on earth older woman lover she’s there at all the time. She will make give it to you all please donk ask me how do i know this. The answr is she is always giving all to me.

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