The Amphibious Quadski by GIBBS

2013 Gibbs Quadski

It seems that amphibious vehicles tend to have some pretty interesting names such as the Humdinga and the Scamander. And now, we have the Quadski. Although Quadski is a bit of a generic and corny name, I assure you, the actual vehicle is not so bad.

The Quadski is manufactured by Gibbs Technologies, the same folks who also manufactured the Humdinga we mentioned above. Gibbs has been in the amphibious vehicles business for over 15 years now and has developed a number of vehicles. The amphibious Quadski operates as both an ATV and as a personal watercraft.

Quadski Jetski and atv

The Quadski is powered by a 1.3-liter BMW motor from the K1300 motorcycle which produces 175hp and 103 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle supposedly reaches speeds as high as 45mph on both land and water. Some of the key technologies here to make this vehicle a success include the wheel retracting and suspension system. The suspension provides ride characteristics one would expect from an ATV but with a switch of a button, the wheels can retract and be water ready in only four seconds.

Amphibious Quadski by GIBBS

Another advanced feature on the Quadski is the water jet propulsion system which is lighter and more compact than traditional marine water jets. The water jets by Gibbs provide high levels of thrust and maneuverability. And of course, the hull design plays a vital role in the system as well. It provides a stable planning surface allowing for responsive handling on the water and is aerodynamic enough to be on the road or trails.

2013 Gibbs Quadski

The vehicle is expected to go on sale by mid-November and the estimated price tag is around $40,000…..OUCH! Before you go running to a local dealership, it appears that the Quadski will be available through dealers in states such as Florida, Texas, Boston, New York, and the Great Lakes area. For more details, check out Gibbs Sports.

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