Stinky Feet – Removing Odor From Shoes

How to stop feet from smelling bad

Do your feet stink and make people run in horror once you slip them off? Out of the ten pairs of shoes that I own, I have this one pair of Nikes that turn my feet into a weapon of mass destruction. No joke, it’s disgusting. The whole shoe rack area stinks thanks to those shoes.

So below is a list of things you can do to make your shoes and feet less lethal. Not all are guaranteed to work and it depends on how bad it is.

  • Buy shoes that are well ventilated so your feet can breathe. Less air flow and sweat will attract bacteria which causes that god awful smell.
  • Jam a bunch of baking soda into your shoes. Let the baking soda sit in there for at least 24 hours. This is actually one of my favorite methods. It’s amazing how it absorbs everything up.
  • If your shoes don’t stink too much then Febreze will do the trick as well.
  • Dr. Scholls Odor Destroyers Shoe Shot will work as well. It kills that foot odor with Zinoxol. This product also has baking soda and zinc oxide.
  • Wear cotton socks. Cotton will help reduce perspiration.
  • Wear white socks. Dye causes your feet to sweat more.
  • Stick your shoes in a plastic bag and freeze them over night. This won’t kill the bacteria but it will slow it down. Sounds crazy but it works.
  • Get a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. Remove the insole and give it a good rub down. Do the same with the inside of the shoe as well.
  • Wash your shoes once in a while and let them dry thoroughly.
  • Rotate your shoes. Don’t wear them multiple days in a row.
  • I haven’t tried this but I was told that kitty litter will also work. Stick the kitty litter in nylon stockings and put it inside the shoe.  Just make sure it’s not used kitty litter.
  • Wash your shoes with color safe bleach. This method works very nicely.

Hopefully you find one of these tips useful. If you have some better suggestions or solutions, comment below and I will add it to the list.

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