Space Invaders Chess: Challenge Your 8 Bit Intellect


We love Kickstarter. Today I’ve found an awesome laser cut acrylic Space Invaders chess set, and I could not resist snagging one for myself. What’s even better, is that at under a week in, this project is already funded and good to go. If you want to get this awesome little set before anyone else, you can jump in on the backing game now, and you’re guaranteed that this one will be coming to fruition.

Space Invaders Chess: The Perfect Combination of Geeky and Scholarly

space invaders chess set laser cut acrylic

These neon aliens are made by a couple of guys at NMI Laser out of raw acrylic, and an awful lot of thought went into the design. They’re easily cleaned, so your Cheeto fingers won’t permanently stain them, and they’ll stand up to liquids, so once you spill beer all over them you can rinse them off no problem.

UPDATE FEB 7th / 2013: Well, this is why we can’t have nice things. Currently this Kickstarter is under scrutiny for an intellectual property dispute. If you’re a funder like me, everything’s still in place, and if in a month or so, things get sorted out, production will carry on as usual. If not, then we only have the images in this post as proof that something this awesome almost existed. I’ll update again with the outcome.

Outside of the perfectly matched assignment of rank (the bottom row aliens are your pawns, the rooks are shields, and the queen is the spaceship,) all the components are interlocking and snap together, meaning both shipping and storing will be easy and economical. The fluorescent acrylic means that they’ll look great in natural light, but even better under black lights… if you’re like me and have enough black lights laying around to plunge your entire home into the depths of a bizarrely glowing netherworld, then this chess set might be just the ticket. Nothing screams class like playing chess… Especially if you’re sitting around drinking in only your white underpants and socks because those are the things that react best with UV lighting.

If you’re not a chess fan, but you love the look of the laser cut pixel sprites, consider backing anyways- for small donations, you can get a few of the little standing characters to decorate your man cave or desk. $65 will get you the full laser etched interlocking chess board, and 32 space invaders chess pieces.

space invaders chess set laser cut from acrylic

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