Some Perfectly Timed Photos

Compressed Air To The Face

You’re bored at work and want to kill some time eh? Alright, I have just the thing for you. Here is a small collection of pictures  that just happen to have been taken at the perfect time. Have a look, there is something for everyone.

Most soccer players head the ball but not always.

Ouch! Would love to see a slow motion video of that one.

Pefectly Timed Punch To The Face

OMG! Guys in the back were probably left with a bad taste in their mouths.

Puking On A Roller Coaster

Compressed Air To The Face: Is that you Alf?

Compressed Air To The Face

I’d hit it … with a baseball bat.

Hit with a baseball bat.

Clowns can play ping pong too

Perfectly Timed Ping Pong

Ditching the boat, and running to the finish line.

Perfectly Timed Boat Crash

Ouch, me eyes!

Too close to the Mic

Wonder what happened to her face

Perfectly Timed Dog Frisbee

Yoink, I’ll take that if you don’t mind.

Seagull attack

Sorry, still hungry.

Seagull stealing food

Damn son, 5 balls.

5 balls

ehehehe, I can skip.

Skipping past a motorcyle


Bike Crash

Oh my Jesus!!

Bull Horn To The Shin

Got the souvenir and then some.

Bat To The Face

Clear to land

Sea Gull landing

Hmm, She’d hit it.

Girl checking out guy

Too much shaking

Beer Foutnain Drink

USA’s Foreign Policy

Soldiers on top of camel

Face Plant

Falling Down Stairs

I feel so violated

awkward timing

Jesus ain’t got a thing on me

Walking On Water

Using the force

Cat hovering over land

Girl, you so crazy

Laughing Dog

Ahhh, so refreshing

Drinking Coke

Oops, sorry bout’ that

Popping Out of Pants


Swimming Pool Dance

Anti-Christ lives among us

The Anti Christ

More of these great photographs can be found at Perfectly Timed Photos.


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