Samsung Vacuum Tube Soundbar

Samsung Vacuum Tube Soundbar

Last week I complained about the lack of a proper speaker(s) on an average price flat-screen TV, but I did provide a solution in the Bose Solo TV Sound System.  Today, it’s Samsung’s turn with their latest Vacuum Tube Soundbar (HW-F750) for flat-screen televisions and other electronic entertainment mediums.

The Samsung Vacuum Tube Soundbar is a two-piece unit, so it does require a bit more space than the Bose system, but it comes with some pretty cool technology not found on other soundbars.

The Samsung Soundbar comes with the world’s first integrated vacuum tube amplifier in the soundbar, which produces a warm, rich, natural sound.  The sound system also comes with a wireless subwoofer and the system can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or a TV using the built-in Bluetooth system.  There is another neat feature on the Samsung Vacuum Tube, a gyroscope sensor that adjusts the sound based on height, rotations, and slope of the soundbar.

The Samsung Vacuum Tube Soundbar can be controlled with a TV remote and has a feature that powers it on/off when the TV is turned on/off.  Samsung didn’t provide us with a price on the soundbar but we’ll update this page when we get the information.

Samsung Vacuum Tube Soundbar with subwoofer

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