Rihanna – Pour It Up Official Video – Featuring Lots of Ass

Pour It Up Explicit Rihanna

I used to listen to Rihanna music when she first appeared on the scene, haven’t listened to much of her latest stuff, but did listen to her new song “Pour It Up” from her 7th album Unapologetic, over the summer, while working on a friend’s “man cave” basement.  Incidentally, the basement just happened to have a stripper pole in it, so this song made a lot of sense and it’s also quite catchy.

At the time we were listening to it there was no official video, but I was expecting something quite erotic and boy was I right!  Rihanna released the official video for Pour It Up last night and it’s quite something, featuring lots of ass in thongs and Rihanna doing quite a few “dry humping” moves.  Miley Cyrus has nothing on this sex queen!  I know you’re dying to see the video, so go ahead and click play while I go take a cold shower.

Rihanna thong Pour It Up

That’s Rihanna’s ass!

Rihanna – Pour It Up Video Explicit

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