Ridiculous Donk Cars


I like Hip Hop and Rap music and it’s about all I listen to. Unfortunately, this very genre of music can also be blamed for some very, very terrible fashion trends. One that comes to mind is jewelry for your teeth also  known as Grillz. Those things are terrible, just terrible. Hip Hop music also had a huge impact on the auto industry and two things comes to mind immediately. In my opinion, the music industry (hip hop/rap) had a direct hand in making the SUV the “cool” vehicle to own and it all started in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The other terrible trend was spinner wheels.

But there is another trend that’s not as popular but still has momentum is known as the Donk Car. Other names for Donk cars include Box, Bubble, Sky-Scrapers, and Hi-Risers. The Donk Car is usually an inexpensive American vehicle with a ridiculous lift kit to give the car a significant ground clearance and and massive wheels and  low-profile tires.

I’ll admit that some of the vehicles you are about to see have had a lot of money “invested” into the vehicle. But it still won’t change the fact that the cars look ridiculous.

Donk car on 30 inch wheels

Chevelle SS Hi-Riser Donk Car

Chevrolet Caprice Donk Car 1975 Candy Paint

Chevry Caprice Bubble Car

Caprice/Imapala Donk Car

Chevy Caprice Donk Car with flames paintjob

Ford Crown Vic Donk Car

Camo Donk Car

Lambo Doors on Donk Car

Ridiculous Donk Cars


Donk Car with Rolls Royce conversion kit

Donk Car with incredible hulk paintjob

Sky-Scraper Car

Yellow Donk Car

Stretched Limo Donk Car

Donk Car with see through wheels

Kool Aid sponsored Donk Car

Kandy pain on Donk Car

Buick Donk Car copper paint job

Yoo Hoo Sponsored Donk Car

Trix sponsored Donk Car

Donk Car sponsored by Sunkist

Skittles sponsored Donk Car

Best for last!

Cheetos sponsored Donk Car

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