Raw Power – Manly Battle Tanks Of The World

Russian T-90 Tank catches air

There is more horsepower here than “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” could ever want. Battle tanks have played a vital role in many of the wars that have taken place and were first introduced into battle in limited numbers during The Great War (WWI). Just as fighter jets are the backbone of an air force, the same can be said for battle tanks. Below you will find in no particular order, some of the deadliest and most modern pieces of war machines.

M1A1 Abram Main Battle Tank

Features that make the American M1 Abram so manly:

  • One big boy weighing in at 61.4 tons
  • Top road speed of 67 km/h
  • Top off road speed of 48km/h
  • Battle range of 465 kilometers
  • Multi-Fuel turbine engine producing 1500hp
  • 120mm Smooth Bore Gun
  • 4 Crew Members
  • Costs $4.35-$6 million US dollars (variant dependent)

M1A1 Tank on top of a hill

M1A1 tank unleashing its arsenal

Russian T-90 Main Battle Tank

The Russians have always been known to produce some of the best and sophisticated weapons for all applications in terms of military needs. The T-90 is no exception.

  • Uses the 1G46 Gunner Sight from the T-80U Battle Tank (an amazing feature hence why they borrowed it from the T-80U)
  • Combat weight of 46.5 tons making it very maneuverable
  • 125mm smoothbore gun with ability to fire ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missiles)
  • 12 Cylinder Diesel Engine producing 1,100 hp
  • Range of 650km on paved roads while a range of 500km on unpaved road conditions
  • Features the EMT-7 electronic pulse creator which destroys magnetic mines
  • Costs $2.2 million US dollars (an excellent bang for the buck)

T-90 tank crusing

Chinese Type 99 Main Battle Tank

When you think of Chinese products, the first thing one automatically assumes is “knock-offs“. Well, you are 100% correct! Most of China’s weapons systems are based on weapons of Russian origin. But when it comes to national security, the Chinese do not cut corners as they normally would for export items to the rest of the world. This is the most advanced tank in China’s arsenal and the fastest in the world. This tank may also be referred to as the ZTZ-99 and WZ-123.

  • Weighs 54 tons
  • Liquid cooled diesel engine producing 1500hp
  • Features a unique sloped turret armor providing extra protection
  • Top speed of 80km/h
  • 125mm smoothbore gun
  • Uses the JD-4 active laser defense system
  • Costs $2.5 million US dollars

Type 99 Battle Tank In The Desert

South Korean K1A1 Main Battle Tank

Our South Korean friends have remained vigilant in the DMZ for the last 50 years or so keeping a close eye on their North Korean friends. When I think of Korea, I think of Kimchi, not main battle tanks. I was very surprised to find out that they produced such a bad ass tank.

  • Weighs in at 54.5 tons
  • Top speed of 65km/h
  • Features composite armor
  • 4 Crew members
  • Improved Fire Control System
  • 90% chance of hitting target while moving
  • Range of 500km
  • Top speed of 65km/h
  • $4 million US dollars

Korean K1A1 Tank fires a round

K1a1 Main Battle Tank In Camo

Japanese Type 90 Main Battle Tank

The Japanese have come a long way from producing tin can cars to some of the most sophisticated software and hardware for virtually every application imaginable. They didn’t forget about their military either. Check it out below.

  • Weighs in at 50.2 tons
  • Features modular ceramic and steel composite armor
  • 3 Crew members
  • 120mm smoothbore gun w/ auto-loader
  • Diesel engine putting out 1,500hp
  • Range of 350km
  • Top speed of 70km/h
  • Costs $3.6 million US dollars

Japanese Type 90 Tank Breaks Hard

Type 90 Tank cruising at high speed

Pakistan’s MBT-2000 or Al-Khalid Main Battle Tank

Looks like our Pakistani friends have something interesting to offer us besides curry, bullets, shady businessmen, and corrupt politicians. The Al-Khalid battle tank has what it takes to keep up with the big boys. See the details below.

  • 48 Tons making it light and nimble
  • 125mm smooth bore gun w/ auto-loader
  • Supercharged diesel producing 1200hp
  • Modern fire control system & night capabilities
  • Hunter Killer Capability
  • Infra-red reflective paint, modular composite armor, & explosive reactive armor
  • LTS786P Laser Threat Sensor
  • Tracking moving targets while moving
  • 3 crew members
  • Range of 500km
  • Top speed of 72km/h
  • Costs $2.5 million US dollars

Pakistan's MBT-2000 Al-Khalid Tank in Action

MBT-2000 Al-Khalid Al-Zarrar main battle tank

South Korean K2 Black Panther Battle Tank

What’s this? Another South Korean battle tank? Looks like they mean business!

  • Weighs 60.6 tons (one big boy)
  • 3 crew members
  • Modular and brand new unknown composite armor
  • Features soft and hard-kill anti-missile defense system
  • Water cooled diesel putting out 1,500hp
  • Battle range of 450km
  • Top speed of 70km/h
  • Costs $7 million US dollars

South Korean K2 Black Panther Tank in Camo

British Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank

Looks like the Brits also have something to offer besides boring food, ugly teeth, and unreliable cars! Unlike British cars, this battle tank is apparently the most reliable tank in the world.

  • Weighs in at 61.5 tons
  • 4 Crew members
  • Crew members can survive 14 hits from RPG-7’s (lets not demonstrate that)
  • Features Dorchester armor
  • Produces 1,200hp
  • Battle range of 450km
  • Top speed of 59km/h
  • Costs $7.9 million US dollars

Challenger 2 Tank in the Desert shooting rounds

Challenger 2 Tank in Iraq in the rubble

Israeli Merkava Battle Tank

  • Weighs 63.9 tons
  • 4 Crew members
  • Turbo diesel engine producing 1500hp
  • Battle range of 500km
  • Top speed of 64km/h
  • Off road speed of 55km/h
  • Costs $5.4 million US dollars per tank

Israeli Merkava tank getting hit by Hezbollah missile

France – Leclerc Main Battle Tank

A beautiful language, fine dining, frog legs, romance, and french kissing all come from France. But they also make a pretty bad ass battle tank as can be seen below.

  • Weighs 53.6 tons
  • 8-Cylinder diesel producing 1,500hp
  • 3 Crew members
  • 120mm gun with 40 rounds
  • Battle range of 550km
  • Top speed of 71km/h
  • Costs $3.4 million US dollars

French Lecler tank in camo cruising

White UN Battle Tank from France Leclerc

German Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank

Beer, exotic cars, sausages, cologne, the German shepherd, X-Rays, hamburgers, the whistling tea kettle, and the leopard 2 tank all come from Germany.

  • Weighs in at 61.3 tons
  • V12 diesel engine putting down 1,500hp
  • Features 3rd generation composite armor
  • 4 Crew members
  • Advanced thermal imaging
  • Tracking moving targets while moving
  • Battle range of 550km
  • Top speed of 72km/h
  • Costs $4.5 million US dollars

German Leopard 2 Tank catches Air over some muddy water

Leopard 2 Tank in muddy water

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