The Poseidon Underwater Resort – Bioshock’s “Rapture” Made Real


I’m a huge fan of the Bioshock series of games by 2K Games. They’re immersive, the story is fantastic, and the undersea city of rapture is nothing short of breathtaking. The trouble, is that it’s all just a video game. We can’t actually go live under the sea, can we?

Though not exactly a complete, self sustaining undersea city, the Poseidon Underwater Resort in Fiji is poised to be the world’s very first undersea resort and hotel. People very much like us, but a whole lot wealthier, can stay here for approximately $3,750 per night, experiencing the wonder (and possible terror) of an almost completely sea through (see what I did there?) roof. You’ll have 40ft of ocean above your head, and a whole lot of fish to boot.

Welcome to Rapture

Though Rapture most certainly has its charm, the Poseidon Resort looks a lot more, shall we say… comfortable. The view is actually a whole lot better, and there doesn’t *appear* to be much in the way of giant mechanized Big Daddies walking around, messing people’s shit up. That’s a perk in my book.

poseidon underwater resort

Imagine having crazy, dirty, filthy undersea book reading sessions on this bed? The possibilities are endless!

undersea hotel

Oh the irony… a shower inside of an undersea hotel. All the ocean, and not a drop to shower with. Makes me wonder what’s going on with the toilet water as well…

underwater bed

This almost looks like one of those electronic LCD pictures frames, but made giant to encompass an entire wall. It probably would have been a whole lot cheaper to do it up that way…

undersea room

This is the real money shot. The ocean looks absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen ocean that’s so damn blue… not even in Mexico.

sharks swimming

Now this… looks like Rapture. I mean, before the place went to hell and people started climbing around on the ceilings trying to stab people with their freakish metal claws and such.

undersea library

The scene of some mad scientists undersea library?

fishes underwater

This looks a little fishy, almost CG like. In fact, many of these shots look like carefully crafted rendering. I’ve been tricked! Well, that… or the place isn’t actually open yet, which is actually the case. But you know.

In any case, if you’re interested in learning more about the Poseidon resort, then head over to their website and take a look around. They’ve got all your questions covered.

I would also like to thank Geek Dimensions for the heads up. I had never heard about this place, and it looks truly incredible, even if the photos probably aren’t real. When we do get some real images, well… I’ll be sure to update.


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