Photos: Paint Dropped Into Water by Mark Mawson

Photographs by Mark Mawson of paint in water

The images that you see before you appear to be different things to different people. Because of my obsession with the National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, to me, the images below appear to be some newly discovered creatures from the deep sea or images released by NASA of newly discovered galaxies.

These stunning images are taken by British photographer, Mark Mawson, who has been taking pictures for over 22 years and specializing in shooting under water scenes. For his Aqueous Series, he takes several drops of colored paint and drops it into a tank of water. As gravity goes to work, so does Mark Mawson. He uses a strobe light to light up the scene and captures the scene as the paint disperses. The results are very cool. If any of you have any interest in photography, this might be a good project to try to duplicate as a challenge to yourself.

Have a look at the images below and make sure you check out the work of Mark Mawson.

Pictures of paint dropped into water

Photographs by Mark Mawson of paint in water

Pictures of colored paint dropped into water

Paint in water pictures by Mark Mawson

Pictures of Aqueous Series by Mark Mawson

Aqueous Fluorea Paint in water pictures

Pictures Colorful Paint dropped into Water

Paint in water pictures by mark mawson

Water dropped into water by Mark Mawson

Paint dripped into water tank

Mark Mawson Portfolio

Aqueous Fluoreau Series Photography

Photography by Mark Mawson

Mark Mawson Photography

Mark Mawson photographs paint in water

Mark Mawson Photography

Mark Mawson drops paint into water


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