Peugeot Hybrid Onyx Scooter Concept

Onxy Hybrid Scooter

French car manufacturer, Peugeot, started out as a coffee mill back in the early 1800’s and produced its first automobile in 1891. Although the company is mostly associated with manufacturing cars and vans, Peugeot also has a large line of scooters ranging from small 50cc, to larger displacement scooters as high as 500cc. The French company currently offers 21 different scooter models of various displacements as well as an innovative electric motor.

Peugeot will be presenting an all-new three wheeled Onyx Scooter Concept, inspired by the 680hp Onyx Hybrid Supercar Concept, at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The matte black and copper color scheme is very similar to the Onyx Supercar Concept. The 400cc Onyx Scooter will feature a plug-in hybrid engine and will be available in two different configurations: Urban Mode and Sport Mode.

Hybrid Peugeot Onxy Scooter Trike

In the Sport Mode, the rider will have a riding position that is similar to that of a sports bike with the rider leaning a bit forward and feet positioned so they point towards the rear. A more comfortable position can be assumed in the Urban Mode once the center ClipBox is removed. In the Urban Mode, the rider sits in the same position as most other scooters, feet flat and head up.

Onxy Hybrid Scooter

The scooter produces 60 horsepower and 43 lb-ft of torque allowing the supertrike to reach speeds as high as 93mph. When not pushing the Onyx Scooter to its limits, it has a travel range of up to 310 miles. The scooter also offers plenty of storage space which can be found between the seat and the front of the vehicle.

No details have been released about pricing or whether Peugeot Hybrid Onyx Scooter Concept will actually become reality.  It looks pretty damn sexy for a scooter and could be a fun little point A to point B commuter vehicle.

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