Pedal and Solar Powered ELF by Organic Transit


I don’t know about you but I certainly had a “WTF!?” moment when I first viewed pictures of the ELF personal electric vehicle. The ELF is a bit strange and kind of on the ugly side yet I can’t stop staring it. This electric “vehicle” is currently being funded over at Kickstarter and is the creation of Organic Transit. The ELF uses man power and solar power to reach speeds as high as 20mph.

The vehicle is classified as a bicycle (in all 50 US States) and does not require any special license or permit to operate. A full 2 hour charge can help you reach a range of 30 miles with a bit of help from some pedaling action. The ELF is meant for city driving where much of the petrol is wasted on “stop and go” traffic patterns but with this vehicle, it’s all pedal power and the solar panel on the roof of the ELF. Another good thing about this ride is that it will fit in a bike lane yet offers more protection and a roof which a bicycle cannot. The ELF also features lights, signals, and side view mirrors.

The lithium battery on board can either be charged by the solar panel on the roof or simply by plugging in to a standard outlet. The ELF features a three-wheel tadpole configuration (two wheels up front, one rear) which provides it with great stability and control.

Besides the rider, the vehicle is capable of carrying an additional 350 pounds of cargo in its built-in storage compartment. Because of the eco-friendly theme, a lot of recycled materials are used in the construction of the ELF. The frame is 40% aluminum while the body panels are made of fiberglass.

ELF Electric Bike

A contribution of $4,000 will guarantee you one of the first 100 ELF vehicles. Organic Transit hopes to deliver the first units in March 2013. More details of the project and how it’s built are available at Kickstarter.

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