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aircraft landing in crosswind

A few years back, I posted a YouTube video of crazy storms out in the middle of the ocean and the ships that had to encounter such conditions. Doesn't matter where you are on earth, mother nature can take you out whether you're on the ground, out at sea, or in the air. They are [...]

Lauge Jensen x Kahn Design Cafe Racer Motorcycle Thumbnail

We’ve been covering the work of British automotive customizers, A. Kahn Design, for quite some time now. We’ve covered mainly their Land Rover Defender tunes, but they also customize other types of 4-wheeled vehicles. Now the company has ventured into the world of two-wheeled vehicles, in collaboration with Danish motorcycle-builders Lauge Jensen. The custom bike [...]

proposing at baseball game

This was one long winter for parts of the U.S. and Canada. But it's finally that time of year when a man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love and baseball. The kind of love that prompts us to make long-term commitments also usually involves some sort of jewelry purchase. When that kind of love happens, [...]

all-new Datsun on-DO

As some of you may know, the Datsun brand is back and offering affordable vehicles in emerging markets to compete against other established brands. In India, the Datsun Go Supermini went on sale earlier this year and was priced at approximately $6,700. I was disappointed with the Go Supermini but after seeing what was just [...]

550 cord shoelaces

About a week ago I was tying my shoes and the laces broke. Now, I know what you're going to say... "cool story bro!", but I'm telling you this for a reason. I'm telling you this so that you too can have awesome, super strong, inexpensive 550 cord shoelaces. This is so easy to do [...]

mad men style photo

We write a lot about fashion accessories because they're one of the most cost-effective ways to add new wardrobe energy. Everyone knows that neck-ties used to be considered an accessory for the fashionable man... and now they're things that women steal from their fathers' wardrobes to sew into funky short skirts. So, what are today's [...]

alien isolation release date

It's been decades since Ridley Scott's Alien first hit the silver screen and wowed moviegoers the world over. I wasn't even born when it debuted. Since then we've seen a handful of Alien and Aliens inspired games and movies. Some have been good, some have been... not so good. But in my opinion, none of [...]

BMW M4 Convertible Thumbnail

When BMW (or any other major carmaker) announces a new coupe, there’s almost a 100% chance a convertible will follow. Last year BMW unveiled the M4 Coupe (formerly known as M3 Coupe) and now here’s the all-new BMW M4 Convertible. The new M4 is quite a good looking car, in my opinion, it comes with [...]

crappy old slot machine

Here at Unfinished Man, we believe a bit of gaming is good for one's health. I mean, we write about games so often that we have to find a way to justify it. As an example... MIT Associate Professor Natasha Schüll says that playing slots can actually cause some players to enter a creative flow state. [...]

robot vs man table tennis

It's inevitable, man and machine battling it out. We created these monsters and now they've acquired the skills to kick human ass in … pong? Thankfully, we've got years before these battles occur with actual weapons. For now it's all fun and games. This clash occurred between Kuka KR Agilus and German table tennis superstar, [...]