HTC RE Camera


A new contender enters the “lifestyle” camera arena, the HTC RE camera is an alternative to the very popular GoPro camera. The HTC RE camera doesn’t look like a traditional, the shape is reminiscent of a periscope or a flashlight, and you won’t find too many buttons on the case. The camera comes with just […]

NBA2K15 Glitch Art – When Face Scanning Goes Horribly Wrong


Video games are very much about fulfilling fantasies. Some of us play soldiers, running around in increasingly exotic locations. Some of us play wizards, casting spells and slaying goblins. Some of us even play sports games, because there’s nothing more difficult than picking up a basketball in real life and shooting some hoops with friends. […]

Blackout Buddy H2O Water-Activated Emergency Light


Have you ever been in an emergency situation where the lights are out and you needed a flashlight, only to find it with dead batteries or the batteries are corroded because they were sitting there for a long period of time? Sure, your cellphone has a flashlight but the batteries on cellphones have notoriously short […]

The Ins and Outs of Skiing Jackson Wyoming

Photo by Nick Dawson

Every summer, vacationers travel to Jackson, Wyoming, to see the picturesque Grand Teton National Park; every winter, they come for the incredible skiing. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is just 12 miles from Jackson and offers skiing like nowhere else. So get ready, book a flight on, and come experience skiing like never before.   […]

Got Wood? JORD Fieldcrest Watch Review


In a world filled with watches made out exotic materials like carbon fiber, platinum, titanium, uranium (ok, not really uranium)… there comes a watch that’s made out of wood… wood? Yes, the JORD watch collection features cases and bracelets made out of wood. The JORD Watches team send us their Fieldcrest Black watch to review, […]

Chic-Robot Smart S1 – Electric Scooter

personal mobility smart s1 scooter

We’ve written about a number of different electric scooters and each one is unique in their own way. These electric modes of local transportation are getting popular year after year and here we have the Chic-Robot Smart S1 scooter from China. The manufacturer, Chic-Robot, has years of experience in producing clones of Segway and it […]