Autodromo Stradale Watches


A couple of years ago the world was introduced to Autodromo watches, these watches take their design inspirations from car gauges from the 1960’s and 1970’s. A lot of car and watch blogs were pretty excited about these relatively inexpensive watches, our very own Eddie seemed to be pretty excited about them as well. The […]

Visiting Cambridge? Five Tips for an A+ Trip

Photo by Nietnagel

Not just any college town, Cambridge is home to both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Bordering the Charles River, Cambridge is also conveniently located for travelers looking to explore neighboring downtown Boston. Here are tips that will guarantee you an A+ trip. Tour World-Famous Colleges Cambridge borders the larger town of […]

Mazda MX-5 Miata ‘Super 200′ By BBR

200 horsepower Mazda Miata

Not long ago, the Unfinished Man team got a chance to test drive the Mazda MX-5 Miata for a week. It was a fun little car and our complaints about the vehicle was the $40,000 price tag in Canada and the 167 horsepower which really needs to be increased. In our review, we wished that […]

Rdio Online Music — Did The Music Industry Finally Get Something Right?

rdio on sonos sound dock

Like most human beings, I love listening to music. It’s on while I work and play, and I’m always on the lookout for new songs and performers. The trouble… is that I fucking hate the music industry. If you’ve ever wanted to study an industry that does everything possible to stall evolution, look no further […]

How to Give Your Space a Custom-Design Look With Shelving

Photo by Andrew Archy

A bookcase is one of those classic details that can make an average older space look like charming vintage. Engaging a carpenter to design custom shelves can be financially prohibitive, but it’s possible to use ready-made, quality bookshelves to create a custom design look. Take a look at what we mean here. Shelves can also […]

Comfortable & Practicle: 2014 Toyota Corolla S Review

2014 Toyota Corolla S Review

The first car I remember spending a significant amount of time in as a child was the 1979 Toyota Corolla; it was our first family car. It was red, and had been on the road for over a decade when we first bought it. We loved it. That car has a very special place in […]

How To Create The Ultimate Man Pad

Photo by: Anders Ljungberg

Whether you’re moving into your own property for the first time or have just moved to a bigger place, the opportunity to create the ultimate man pad is something most of us relish. From splashing the walls with the first lick of paint, to filling the space from corner to corner with gadgets, the personalization […]