Man Photobombs Stock Images To Make Them More Realistic


Almost overnight, art director of advertising Matthew Vescovo has become one of my favorite people on the planet. I don’t love him quite as much as Elon Musk or Daniel Craig, but he’s right up there. You see, he’s taken stock images and made them amazing. That may not sound impressive, but for someone that […]

Avoid Getting Stuck in a Borrowing Cycle

Photo by Christine

A solution to debts which is both temporary and terrible – a few minutes of searching for payday loans can place thousands of pounds in your account from multiple lenders, who can briefly provide a painkiller for the post-Christmas financial hangover. But soon the demands and letters for the money appear, plus a hefty wedge […]

Monkii Bars: Take the Gym With You


I’ve been going to the gym, on and off, for a better part of the past two decades; my main excuse for not going regularly is a lack of time. I do try to work out at home but taking out the weights and putting them back becomes just another chore and my room becomes […]

Unfortunate Ink — The World is Full of Terrible Tattoos…


The world is full of people willing to permanently tattoo terrible pictures, artwork, slogans, poems, and pictures of their dead wives, pets, and rock stars onto their skin for the world to see. I see stuff like this all the time! If you ask me, it’s kind of inspiring. Just imagine how many bad decisions […]

10 Unmissable Sporting Events For 2015

popular sports of 2015

A new year means only one thing for sports fans – another 12 months of enthralling competition, matches, and tournaments! The 2015 sporting year promises to be a spectacular one – here are ten events which are unmissable… Tennis: Australian Open Jan 19-Feb 1 The first major sporting event of 2015 is the first grand […]

It’s All Thrills With The Zenos E10 S

Zenos E10 S Roadster

Zenos Cars a UK based manufacturer and is one of those brand of vehicles that few know about unless you are really into the automotive world. Their first vehicle, the E10, was launched about a year ago and the company has now unveiled the production ready E10 S at the Autosport International Show in the […]