Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Watch


Here’s yet another watch from Omega reminding us that their watch made it to the moon. The latest watch from the Swiss watchmaker is the Omega Speedmaster White Side of the Moon, over the last few years Omega has released the “Dark Side” and “Grey Side” of the moon watches, so why not a white […]

Riding the winds of Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Photo Credit: Jon Bunting

The splendid city of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is very popular for its fascinating beaches. Many tourists flock here for the powerful winds, which are just perfect for kite surfing and windsurfing. If you just want to lounge around and check out the scenery and scantily clad women, the city is also famous for […]

5 Myths about Energy Drinks DEBUNKED

Photo by Pict-your

Energy Drinks are popular with athletes, students, and working professionals who need a little extra lift throughout the day. Abuse of these products has led to misinformation and rumors. Get the facts, and avoid being fooled by these five most common energy drink myths. Energy Drinks Have Too Much Caffeine Most people get their dose […]

Baby In a Muscle Suit Dancing…


So, you may be asking yourself… why would Chad write an article about a person dressed as a muscular baby? Fair enough, I can appreciate your confusion. However, I think a better question would be, why wouldn’t Chad write an article about a person dressed as a muscular baby? I would like to pretend that […]

Stirling Gravitas is In Control. Are You?


When it comes to writing about funny videos, I try and save the absolute best for you guys, our lovely readers. Day in and day out, I go through the grueling task of sorting through the never ending geyser of videos that accumulate online. It’s a tough, thankless job, but I do it for you […]

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Motorcycle


The Walking Dead is probably the most popular show on TV right now, it also happens to be my favorite show (tied with Game of Thrones). Like many fans of TWD, Daryl Dixon is among my top three favorite characters. Last week’s episode showed Daryl riding a new bike, which we don’t see much of […]

Watch Footage of an Eagle’s POV as it Descends From the Burj Khalifa


Have you ever seen the Burj Khalifa tower? It’s one of two massive towers in Dubai (the other is called the Burj Al Arab) that have been featured in everything from movies like Mission Impossible, to articles right here on Unfinished Man. They’re massive, beautiful, engineering marvels, and though the photos from the top are […]