How to Sous-vide Duck Breast With An Anova Precision Cooker


You may not have heard of sous-vide cooking before, but chances are you’ve tasted it. Remember that delicious, juicy, flavorful steak you paid way too much money for on your anniversary? Chances are it was cooked sous-vide (French for “under vacuum”) and the good news is that you can save yourself a ton of money […]

Formula Drift, the Heavy Hitters Return

DSC_0560 copy

I would argue that one of the most fun things you can do with your car, is kick that back end out and slide it around a corner. Is it the fastest way to get around a corner? No. Are your tires happy with you afterwards? Of course not. But there’s something about letting your […]

Isuzu D-Max Blade Pickup Truck Now A Permanent Option


While North Americans enjoy their full-size pickup trucks, the Europeans are having fun in smaller packages. Isuzu is not exactly a household brand here in the US and Canada although they are quite active in the commercial truck business. The Isuzu D-Max is quite a common sight in the UK and last year they released […]

Upgrade Your Tires: Cooper Discover SRX


I have not been driving for a very long time, as I find myself in another country every month with my mobile lifestyle, jet-setting lifestyle. But when I have the chance, driving is still one of my most favorite activities. I always try to take the longer, scenic route.  I’ve driven all types of cars […]

The First DIY Project of the Year

Adam making the base of the office tables.

It is that time of year again when we purchase new furniture for both the home and the my personal workspace (yes, I’m one of those guys who work from home). We are on our way to being #TruPros . In order to keep costs to a minimum, my friend Adam and I decided to construct the […]

New Baby-McLaren: McLaren 570S


It doesn’t seem that like much time has passed when McLaren fully entered the sports car market with their MP4-12C sports car, which was later called the 12C and has now evolved into the 650S. They went on to build the absolutely “bonkers” P1 and now they’ve introduced an “entry-level” sports car, called the McLaren […]

The Joys of Adding Random Characters to Thrift Store Paintings


A few years ago I wrote about artists Chris McMahon and Thryza Segal. If you haven’t read the article, what they basically do is take old thrift-store paintings and add in monsters. I thought that was pretty great. What I’ve realized since then, and especially after seeing David Irvine’s latest collection of “thrift store edits, […]