Cadillac ATS-V Coupe With 450 Horsepower

Cadillac ATS-V

Details are slowly trickling out about the highly anticipated 2016 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe. We’ve reviewed a variety of cars over the years but we haven’t yet had an opportunity to take any of the Cadillac vehicles out for a spin although that might change as soon as this 2016 ATS-V is released. I’ve always loved […]

Far Cry 4 – Launch Trailer


It’s been a busy month for Ubisoft, with two major releases – Assassins Creed: Unity and Far Cry 4 – only a week apart. We can only hope that the Far Cry 4 launch goes a little smother than what we saw with . In other words, hopefully they’ve actually had time to… you know, […]

Not Coming to America: 2015 Ford Everest


Ford has just unveiled their latest SUV, called the Everest, which is not going to be available in North America. The Ford Everest, unlike the Explorer, is a body-on-frame design and is based on a stretched chassis of the Ford Ranger pickup truck, which is also not available in North America. The Ford Everest is […]

Who Past the Post? A Look at the UK General Election 2015

Photo by Dick Jones

As May 2015 rolls ever closer, and with the recent news of , that one particular quinquennial question brings itself to the fore once more: who’s to run the country? With 20+ Labour MPs set to strike out against the current Leader of the Opposition, Labour’s future in the fast-arriving electoral campaign looks to be […]

Holland & Holland X Range Rover Autobiography


The is one of the most luxurious SUV’s money can buy; step up to the Range Rover Autobiography and the luxury offered is taken to another level, at a very hefty price. But that’s not the most expensive Range Rover one can buy… Land Rover has collaborated with gun maker Holland & Holland to produce […]

How Commuting by Bicycle Can Make Going Back to Work Even Better

Photo credit: Till Krech

When your paternity leave is coming to an end, you’ll be faced with myriad of feelings – excitement, worry, fear and anticipation. You know that it is necessary to go back to work, especially when figures from the , but managing the transition can be difficult. One thing you’ll need to consider is how you’ll […]