4 Watch Styles For The Modern Gent


The R.A.F. Guy Pilots, divers, drivers, and adrenaline junkies of all kinds, rejoice! Every modern gent is bound to need a durable timepiece that is built to last on the go, and aviation and sports enthusiasts can get just that with the “Terrasport II” from Muhle Glashutte. It’s an aviation style watch that stays true […]

Coolest Cooler – Most Amazing Cooler Around


The Unfinished Man team has written about and funded a number of different Kickstarter projects in the past and I still use my Backslider wallet I purchased there. I browse Kickstarter once or twice a week and the latest product I came across is the Coolest cooler. I just got back from a camping trip […]

Let’s Cut Open Fireworks… Because That Seems Safe!


Remember that video I posted showing a drone flying through a fireworks show? Pretty cool, right? It gave us a unique view of something that just about everyone loves, colorful explosions. Fireworks are beautiful, but have you ever seen what they look like from the inside? No, of course you haven’t; chances are good that […]

Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 Doppelkabine


When it comes to off-road vehicles, some of the greatest performance civilian vehicles were originally made for the military or were farm vehicles; vehicles like the Defender, G-Wagon, Wrangler, and Hummer to name a few. We’ve written quite a few articles on the above mentioned off-roaders but one vehicle we’ve never written about is the […]

Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp – Convert Bottles Into Lamps

touch usb led lamp

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a pretty cool Optical Illusion LED Lamp which could liven up any boring corner of a room and become a great conversation starter. And here I am today talking about another lamp but this one could potentially mean that you get to consume lots and lots of alcohol […]

A Brief History of… Microsoft Windows

bill gates sexy doom

I know from our server logs that most of you are Windows users, so let me ask you something: how long have you been using Windows? Do you remember what version you started using so very long ago? I really sunk my teeth into computers in the Windows 95 era, when my parents were finally […]