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sleeping soundly

It goes without saying that sleep is an important part of life. We have crazy adventures during the day (and into the night), but eventually we need to set our head down, get some sleep, and recharge. The reasons are numerous, but for a straightforward example, try not sleeping for a night and see how [...]

fish tank

Aquariums offer the possibility of natural beauty indoors and a tankful of pets! If you haven’t considered an aquarium before, new technologies and varieties of fish, plants, and coral make keeping a gorgeous aquarium great at home or work idea. People in high stress jobs with a love of natural beauty may not have time [...]

all-new kia sedona

The previous generation Kia Sedona was in need of a major facelift and after many delays, the all-new 2015 Kia Sedona has finally shown its face and is ready to greet everyone at the New York Auto Show. Also known as the Kia Carnival in Europe and other parts of the world, the vehicle has [...]

Range Rover Hybrid: An Environmentally Friendly Land Rover? Thumbnail

When you think Land Rover, you think bike and heavy off-road capable vehicles that are very thirsty for gasoline. But times are changing and governments around the world are looking to carmakers and demanding more fuel efficient vehicles that produce even less CO2 emissions. You’d think some of the more exotic carmakers would be exempt [...]

young man at job interview

Life is all about change and, for those who haven’t noticed, today’s career is less about the employer than the individual’s marketable skills. Recent graduates looking for "security" or "permanence" are unlikely to find these things in today’s economy on any continent. Perhaps our grandfathers took jobs at one company out of high school and [...]

civilization beyond earth

Have you ever played any of Sid Meire's Civilization games? They've been around for ages, and though they always seemed like something I would enjoy, I just never got around to playing any of them. I think that's a shame, and this fall I'm going to give this franchise the attention it deserves. You see, [...]

Winter Is Going: Get New Tires For Your Car With The Cooper Spring Savings Event Thumbnail

For those of you lucky enough to live in a warm climate, you probably won’t understand our problems and this post. You see, winter sucks and driving in the winter sucks even more. The days are short and dark, it constantly rains, and of course, the snow and ice storms when it’s not raining… and [...]

grand cherokee ecodiesel trail warrior

Yesterday I talked about three modified Jeep Wranglers for the 2014 Easter Jeep Safari and today I'll shed some light on the two Jeep Cherokees and one Jeep Grand Cherokee. As mentioned in the previous post, Jeep and Mopar have been getting together to come up with concepts since 2002 and many of the design [...]

unaffordable clothing man

So many of the men with an interest in fashion - and looking fashionable - lack a strategy. Perhaps someone you know owns the very best designer clothing that money can buy but, somehow, still manages to look like a fashion victim from “What Not to Wear.” Yes, some men are fashion plonkers... even if [...]

Lexus NX CUV – From Concept to Production Thumbnail

Last year we wrote about the Lexus LF-NX concept, a CUV I thought was too “different” looking to make it into production. Well, I was wrong, here’s the production version of the concept, called the Lexus NX. Unlike most people, I actually liked the LF-NX concept (minus the massive grill at the front), it was [...]