Hookah Brother Up – Kayan Shisha Cafe


I smoked my first Hookah/Shisha about two years ago and I started off as doing it with friends at home but now I’ve gone from at home get togethers to actually checking out hookah lounges around the Vancouver area since I’ve become somewhat of a “professional” with this smoking utensil. So, I’ve checked out at […]

Foldboat – The Boat That Folds

Foldboat - boat that folds

Here’s something you don’t see every day, a real working boat that can be folded and unfolded just like the paper boats we used to make when we were kids.  The boat is called Foldboat (obviously) and is the brainchild of British designers Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies.  The idea for the Foldboat came during […]

WakaWaka Power – The Compact Solar Power Station


Through the course of the last few hundred years, the human race has changed dramatically. Where once we rode horses, cars now fill the streets. Where once there were torches, now there are light bulbs of every shape and size. As the late Carl Sagan once said, we’re an adaptable species. And in many ways we have adapted, […]

2014 Audi SQ5 TSI

2014 Audi SQ5

Finally, we’re getting a performance oriented Audi vehicle that’s not going to be sold in Europe; unfortunately, it’s the hideous and geeky Q5.  The more powerful version of the Q5 CUV is called the Audi SQ5 TSI and it is powered by a gasoline engine that won’t be available in Europe.  The Europeans get the […]

The Hobbit – Recut as… The Office?


If you were unfortunate enough to receive your high school education here in Canada, then you may remember one particularly horrible piece of required reading by our fine government: The Hobbit. The Hobbit wasn’t the most painful novel I’ve ever read, but it certainly holds one of the top spots on my “Horrible Books to […]

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw portable water filter used in Africa

I often go for long hikes in the summer and most of the time I either forget to bring water with me or don’t bring enough.  Luckily, living in a city whose surrounding are basically a rainforest means there is always water available in small streams and lakes, but drinking that water might not sit […]

Cheap Designer Dress Shirts – Hall & Madden Saves Time & Money


Well hello there, men! It’s a new year and I’ve crawled back out from under the soul crushing weight of the rocks that make up an avalanche comprised of web design and wedding planning and any number of things that most guys hope they can put off for an extended period of time. On the […]