2014 Porsche Panamera Sports Sedan

2014 Porsche Panamera

Today we get our first official look at the all-new, face-lifted 2014 Porsche Panamera, following yesterday’s leaked images.  Personally, I can’t really find anything different about this new car compared to last year’s model, aesthetically, but I’ll take Porsche’s word for it. Die-hard Panamera fans will probably notice the subtle cosmetic updates which include re-shaped […]

Top Five Wackiest WWE Wrestling Characters

The Moondog wrestlers

I haven’t followed the WWE and the wrestling scene in general since my early teenage years. I watch a few matches here and there as my brother flips through the channels but nothing serious. That is, until I watched Nacho Libre for the very first time about a week ago and ever since then, I’ve […]

Thief Trailer – Everything Old is New Again


Ever heard of the Thief franchise of games before? Yeah… they’re kind of a big deal, and now, after many years, we’re finally getting another one. For some of you, this isn’t exactly news. If you’ve been  following my posts for the last few years, then you might have seen me mention the new Thief […]

The Art of Saving Money on Clothes – Patience and Penny Pinching


It’s funny just how expensive the bare necessities are. We need food, water, and shelter, and having some clothes on our backs doesn’t hurt any either. But all these things add up in a hurry, and though I want to show off my beautiful unique snowflake personally, I would rather do it without breaking the […]

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Tradition Phases de Lune Watches

Maurice Laxroix Masterpiece Watches

Here’s another beautiful watch from Maurice Lacroix, called the Masterpiece Tradition Phase de Lune.  The watch(es) come in a variety of dial color combinations and bracelet/strap options.  These watches are definitely aimed at the traditionalists, with minimalist design and relatively small cases.

All-New Subaru WRX Concept

2015 Subaru WRX Concept

The last time I really liked the Subaru Impreza WRX was when the second generation, “New Age” Impreza, went on sale in 2000. I really liked the “bug eye” look but they took away those round bug eye headlights in 2002. The second generation model continued until 2007 and received two additional facelifts. The third-generation […]

New Job? Mo’ Money, Mo’ Investments


Hello ladies and gents, I know it has been a while but I am back and bring good news. I have received a substantial increase in pay. Yes, a new job opportunity opened up for me and I pounced on it as if I were an animal that pounced upon things. As such I’ve decided […]