Traveling to Venice – Action Movie Style

travelling to venice the tourist angelina jolie speedboat

Venice is famous for its beauty and history; full of winding canals and waterways, the city is synonymous with romance. And chase scenes, so screw rom-coms! Have you noticed I’ve got travel and chase scenes on the brain lately? I blame it on winter cabin fever, which has prevented me from both traveling anywhere interesting […]

Super Luxurious: Lexani Tuned Mercedes Sprinter Van with a Room

Lexani Sprinter

We’ve written about a few custom luxury vans that look like unassuming “plain ‘ole” vans on the outside but are like private jets/luxury yachts on the inside (click here and here to see our previous posts).  We also wrote about the armored Toyota Sequoia done up by Lexani Motorcars, the same company brings us the […]

Sean Tracy Presents… The Power of CryEngine 3


It’s no secret that I dislike both Crytek as a company, and the Crysis games they create. The founder of Crytek, one Cevat Yerli, rubs me the wrong way. As for their games? Well, I just don’t find them very original. Having said that, Crytek is incredible at one thing: graphics. They have by far […]

Winter Blues? Take a Mini-Vacation to Crete, Greece


It’s almost the end of January, most of North America is gripped by one of the coldest winters in decades, and most of us have already failed (miserably) at our New Year’s resolutions.  The days are dark and gloomy, and the nights are cold and uninviting.  Yes, it’s depressing and all we want to do […]

New Kia pro_cee’d GT And cee’d GT


South Korean automaker, Kia, has given its European customers a sneak peak of the new GT trim which will be available on the Kia pro_cee’d GT and cee’d GT. The new Kia vehicles are scheduled to make their world premiere at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March. The differences between the GT and regular […]

Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Watch

Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Watch

We first introduced you to the stunning Zenith Christophe Colomb watch way back in 2010; since then, Zenith has released a few versions of the watches that I somehow missed.  Today I bring you yet another version of the watch, called the Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane. Like the original Christophe Colomb, the Hurricane features […]