Journey to the Present at Panama’s Embera Indian Village


The Embera Indian Village outside of Panama City is not a historical recreation. It’s not Panama’s answer to Jamestown or Plymouth Colony. There is no modern visitor center or actors dressed in traditional garb and refusing to break character for eight bucks an hour. Despite the fact that there are tours, and the Embera people […]

Yearly Resolutions – Training, Trainers, and “Stunting”


So now that the world has yet to end I suppose it’s not only time for me to ACTUALLY go Christmas shopping, but to also consider my yearly resolutions. I suppose I could resolve to get into a shape other than roundish, but I find those sorts of nebulous goals don’t really pan out. So, […]

Flaming Matchstick Art – Stanislav Aristov Photography


There’s an oft repeated saying that dictates “more is less!”. I’ve heard it so many times as to render it almost meaningless, but in a sense, it’s actually true. When we make a conscious decision to limit ourselves, even just a little bit… limit ourselves to a particular direction, or style, or medium, then a […]

Panama City Beach Hotels, Canal Buffets, and Indian Villages


Panama City is a city growing and reinventing itself every day. Everywhere you go in Panama’s capital, you see new high rises and new hotels under construction. The city is a dynamic expression of the growing importance of Central America in the world economy, and it manages to combine this ever shifting, ever growing dynamism with […]

Bioshock Infinite – The First Few Minutes


Years ago I read a classic – and much referenced story – called Atlas Shrugged. Written by Ayn Rand, a sort of… philosopher, it told a story of a world gone mad from greed, and an underclass of people who wanted nothing more than to take and leech. Shortly after I read this, Bioshock hit the […]

CasAnus – The Belgium “Digestive Track” Hotel


Like most males growing up during the rise of the digital age, I watched more than my fair share of steamy videos. Instead of looking at disgusting magazines I found in recycling bins… magazines with pages stuck together from the previous owners having spilled glue on them… I could watch the action in motion instead! […]