The Straw That Will Break Mitsubishi’s Back? – Their New Concepts

2013 mitsubishi concepts tokyo show

Remember the beautiful 3000GT and Eclipse? Indeed, they were beautiful vehicles (not the modern day Eclipse). What ever did happen to Mitsubishi? They’ve been producing garbage (in my opinion) for years now with the exception of the Lancer EVO and even that is a bit over priced. Nobody knows how long they will continue to […]

Burly Men Turned Motorcycle Models – The Manigale 2013 Calendar


Here at Unfinished Man, we’re passionate about motorcycles. We’ve developed an entire culture around the damn things, a culture of our very own. Faisal used to own a sports bike… Eddie likes them quite a bit, and me? Well, I was on a dirt-bike once, which is pretty much just like being a seasoned motorcycle […]

Hopscotch Festival 2013: Grand Tasting Hall


It is said you know you live a life of luxury, when you poison yourself for recreation. And god knows, I came close this year thanks to great people, like Executive Director Adam Bloch, who organize and participate every year at Hopscotch Festival in Vancouver. Going on 18 years strong, there’s little sign of slowing down. As cliché as it […]

Epic Food Name Fails from Around The World

food name fail

I’ve been known to be a picky eater but at the same time, I also love trying different foods from around the world. But I’m only open-minded to new cuisines, not weird cuisines. The strangest thing I’ve ever had is probably Ram testicles. I believe they call them “Rocky Mountain Oysters” and it was actually […]

Through the Decades – Battle of the Video Game Consoles

Sega Genesis Ad Campaign Shirt

Home video game consoles have come a long way over the past three decades and it’s really amazing to see how video games have evolved and the battle that rages on between companies for market share. With the recent release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, online retailers worldwide from GAME UK in Europe […]

Jaguar F-Type Coupe

Jaguar F-Type-Coupe_1

Last year Jaguar introduced the sexy new F-Type roadster (which I’m currently driving around for a review, coming soon); we all knew the F-Type Coupe will be following the convertible because when Jaguar initially showcased the F-Type, it was showcased as a coupe called the C-X16 Concept. Today we get our first look at the […]