Volkswagen T2 Kombi – This Is The End

Volkswagen micro-bus

Just like the original VW Beetle’s production came to an end back in 2003 (1938-2003), it’s also time to say goodbye to the VW Type 2 Series Kombi which was still being manufactured in Brazil. If you take into account the original T1 (1950-1975), this micro-bus from Volkswagen has been in production for 63 long […]

Too Many Friends by Placebo – Do Computers Make Us Gay?


It’s been a while since I’ve posted up a music video, and for that I’m sorry. You see, I actively avoid 99% of the music out there for fear of lapsing into a coma from the shock of such terrible music, but every so often something special breaks through my bubble and I write about […]

Incredible Chainsaw Wood Carving: Marble is for Pansies

animalistic chainsaw wood carving husky cup

Sculpture and carvings are some of those things I have a love/hate relationship with. The time, the effort, and the incredible detail of an image rendered out of nothing but raw materials and the dedication of an artist astounds me- I can appreciate every steam punk Darth Vader made of pop tabs and the cold, […]