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Agent 47 dressed as a priest

In late December and early January, Eidos gave journalists a sneak peek at a few new levels from their upcoming Hitman sequel, Hitman: Absolution. This video features a bit of new footage, and at least a few new details about the game - all of which are described by IGN Editor Ryan Clements in the [...]

Ridiculous Donk Cars Thumbnail

I like Hip Hop and Rap music and it's about all I listen to. Unfortunately, this very genre of music can also be blamed for some very, very terrible fashion trends. One that comes to mind is jewelry for your teeth also  known as Grillz. Those things are terrible, just terrible. Hip Hop music also [...]

Senz Mini AO Ribs

Over the years, I've developed a strong appreciation for good, solid umbrellas. Living in a rain forest makes a strong umbrella - or at the very least a very thick hoodie - an absolute necessity. It's a funny thing too, because I really don't like umbrellas for the most part. I've always found them a [...]

Ugly Guys With Hot Girls – What They’re Doing That You’re Not Thumbnail

Mike writes a recurring sarcastic and informative column every other Thursday in The Unfinished Man and is the CEO of My Online Dating Consultant You see it all the time.  The ugly guy who looks like he could use a good shower with the super hot girl on his arm.  Tired of just convincing yourself [...]

Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator

In 1940, the infamous Charlie Chaplin starred in a film called The Great Dictator. The movie took place in Nazi Germany, with Charlie playing Hynkel, a fictitious dictator. At the end of the movie, Charlie's character Hynkel recited a speech that is every bit as relevant and powerful today, as it was during the time [...]

Bacon Soda – Bottle of Pure Mad Genius Thumbnail

Bacon flavored products seem to have gained some popularity over the last couple of years and a few fine examples include Bacon Air Inhaler, Bacon Lube, Bacon Cologne, Bacon Toothpaste, and a bunch of other crazy bacon products. Jones Soda makes limited products every year and they’ve released their own version of Bacon Soda in [...]

2013 Porsche Boxter 981

Porsche recently updated their 911 line of cars and now they’ve focused their attention on the Boxster.  The 2013 Porsche Boxster is code named 981 and will be available in April 2012.  In typical Porsche fashion the 981 Boxster’s design is more of an evolution of the previous generation rather than an all-new design.  A [...]

The POLABOY – Customizable Lighting and Art From Your Photographs Thumbnail

The LIGHTBOYS are a designer and craftsman team out of Germany, and they specialize in creating ultra-flat, brilliant light and art hybrids. Frankly, The POLABOY, The LIGHTWALL and Rooftop Lights are some of the coolest pieces of art I've seen in ages, let alone awesomely interchangeable lighting solutions. Essentially, the LIGHTBOYS have created a process [...]

Red Shoe Model

I've been writing for Unfinished Man for quite some time now, and through the course of my time here, one thing has remained constant; the never ending deluge of emails from readers and staff members alike asking me to post up more skin, and to stop blathering so much every once in a while. Well, [...]

Acura NSX Concept Hybrid Supercar Thumbnail

Ever since the Acura NSX ceased production in 2005, there has been lots of speculation about the re-birth of the mid-engine Japanese supercar.  Acura/Honda has brought a few concept NSX cars to auto shows over the years but none of them made it to production models but that might change with the introduction of the [...]