Martian Voice Command Smartphone Watches

martian watches

Here at Unfinished Man, we love watches and have written on dozens of various timepieces whether it is the classic mechanical watch or something more modern like the Nissan Nismo Watch. If it tells you the time and goes on your wrist, we want it. Today, we have the Martian Voice Command Smartphone Watch, which […]

Want to get Laid? Learn from the Best in the Business


It is not common to meet a man who continuously tries to pick up women in public. On top of that, imagine doing it while using ridiculous dares, tactics, and hilarious methods. It’s even more rare to meet a man who is willing to do this for the camera so the whole world can see. […]

Manhart Tuned BMW M6 MH6 700

Tuned BMW M6

The BMW 6-Series coupe is a pretty plain looking car in my opinion; I’ve always said BMW needs to make ti look more aggressive.  In M6 guise, it’s a bit more aggressive and sportier, but if you really want your M6 to stand out from the crowd, you need to have a look at the […]

Swiss+Tech BodyGard – 7-in-1 Emergency Tool For Drivers

keychain emergency tool

There are all types of little emergency gadgets that can come in handy when something terrible goes wrong with our car whether it’s an accident or a mechanical failure. With so many different things, one problem you have to deal with is clutter either in your glove compartment box or in the trunk. I used […]

Top 5 Least Manly Drinks – Listen to Jacob Palmer…


If you’ve ever gone to the bar with a friend, chatted up some girls and then had your buddy order a Cosmopolitan, then you probably have some idea of how your choice of drink immediately affects people’s image of you. For men that want to maintain that manly image, it is important that you are […]

EarPopper (Review) – Once You Pop You Can’t Stop

ear pressure relieft device

An ear popper? I had no idea such a product even existed until my wife started complaining about her blocked ears. I didn’t think much of it, but after a straight week of complaints, I started to look around for “non traditional” remedies. Enter the EarPopper, a device that helps to unblock… ears. She’s actually […]