The “Magic” of Landline Phones


Being one of those “Millenial” Children, I’ve grown up with a certain level of technology. I had a computer at a young age, as well as a Nintendo and a couple of electronics kits my grandfather bought for me. One thing I do remember was the rotary telephone. Ancient and out of place, it was […]

Dottling Gyrowinder Watch Winder


We’ve written about a few Dottling watch safes and winders, Dottling makes some pretty impressive watch safes that are targeted to the elite watch collectors.  Their latest creation is the Dottling Gyrowinder watch winder. The average guy, with one or two automatic watches, doesn’t really need a watch winder but it does come in handy […]

Resurrection in Juàrez – Is Mexico Safe?


This is a special guest post by Josh Keefe of and I’m standing outside of the El Paso International Airport, trying to find the van that’s going to take me to Ciudad Juàrez, Mexico in the state of Chihuahua. I called the number I have for the driver who was supposed to pick me […]

Video Clip: Robert Kubica’s Crazy Rally Driving


Growing up, one of my biggest dreams was to become a race car driver.  But a career in racing isn’t for everyone; you need lots of money and have to live in an area where there is a lot of motorsports activity.  I’m sure most of our readers had the same dream as young boys […]

The Best Dishonored Kills – Killer Moves Edition


Dishonored has been out for some time, and after having completed it (and loving every moment), I can say with absolute sincerity that it’s one of the best games I’ve played in years. Arkane Studios has – dare I say – created a masterpiece, the likes of which the gaming world hasn’t seen for quite […]

Mercedes ‘Ener-G-Force’ – Future Of The G-Class?

Mercedes-Benz 'Ener-G-Force' Concept

While we have some folks converting the Mercedes G-Glass SUV into a truck, there are other design engineers coming up with ways to freshen up the legendary Mercedes Geländewagen. For the 2012 LA Auto Show Design Challenge, organizers of the annual event asked automakers to create a patrol vehicle for the year 2025. The North […]