These Satanic Christmas Sweaters are Wonderfully Heretical


It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about Christmas. I realize that makes me sound like a bit of a Grinch, but hear me out. I quite like the holiday season, a time of eating and drinking to excess, sharing good times with friends, and of course, wearing stupid sweaters. No, scratch that… […]

Getting Engaged? Read This!

Photo by 3DPete

It’s that time of year again and, as everyone knows by now, my special someone finally proposed marriage. I was beginning to wonder if my ever-so-organized beloved would ask me to marry him, but I’m engaged at long last! These words aren’t a complaint of any sort because I’m old enough to understand the importance […]

OneLess Desk: The Elegant Space Saving Desk


The OneLess Desk by Heckler Design is a modern and elegant desk that’s ideal for rooms where space is an issue. Even is space is not at a premium, the desk is very stylish and comes in a variety of colors that will brighten even the darkest rooms. The OneLess desk saves space with its […]

The Lazy Guys’ Guide to Christmas

Photo by Dave

Let’s be honest about it; Christmas can be a pain. The financial pressures and stresses, buying the presents, cooking the meals, and just the whole organization of it all are terrible. Thankfully though, for the lazy guy, there are ways around it all. Here are our tips: Christmas apparel should be purchased early. A Christmas […]

Whisky And Shoes – Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue

booze shoes johnnie walker

Just last week, I wrote about the Hydro-Tech Air Conditioned shoes which are perfect for the summer and an excellent way to get rid of that terrible and sweaty odor from your shoes. The Johnnie Tan Leather Brogue are yet another pair of shoes but this pair are intended for something a little different. High-end […]

GEAK II Smart Watch by Shanda


One of the biggest complaints with smart watches is the way they look, most of them look very unappealing, especially is you consider yourself a “watch guy”. The Motorolla Moto 360 looks like a more traditional watch but the list of such watches is quite small. You can add the GEAK II smart watch by […]

12 Natural Wonders: Italy 2015 — Paul Giggle


Let me start off by saying that both this video and photo collection are NSFW. We know many of you read our articles during your lunch break, but this is one of those posts you may want to view on your phone. I’m going to show you some beautiful photography, but yes… there are naked […]