Arnie Shows Believable Emotion in This New Maggie Trailer


Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and that my suggestion of him having actual emotion in his latest movie Maggie is by no means meant to be an insult. It’s true, he does! He’s actually emoting! I say this because, let’s be honest here… he’s most well known […]

Five Bachelor Party Alternatives to Vegas

Photo by Shawn Carpenter

Now that you have proposed and the wedding date is set, it is time to plan the best ever stag do. You are committing the rest of your life to that one special woman. Before that happens, you get one last splash out part. You know Las Vegas is over done and has become a […]

Grand Theft Auto: V Looks Better on PC…


I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Grand Theft Auto V looks way, way better on PC than it did on consoles. In other news, the Earth is round and ice-cream is delicious. My work here is done… No, seriously, though – just look at these screenshots. Has the PC version of […]

The Evolutionary 2016 Jaguar XF Sedan


Apparently there’s an all-new Jaguar XF sedan out, it was introduced a few days ago. Why didn’t we right about it? I saw it but thought it was just the same car with the numbers “2016” in front of its name, because it looked so much like the first generation car. At first, this post […]

How to Impress Your Woman with a Fancy Date Night at Home

Photo by Britt-knee

Fancy date nights at home for your woman shouldn’t be reserved for Valentine’s Day, post-arguments about letting dirty dishes pile sky high, or breaking big news. In fact, date nights should be an anytime occasion. Although the above are valid reasons to have a date night, your girl will be even more impressed if you […]

Blade Buddy – Razor Blade Sharpener

disposable razor blade sharpener

I don’t really shave these days and I’m kind of working on growing a beard. But I used to shave every two days becasue of my job and let me tell you that it was a total pain in the ass. I really, really dislike shaving my face. My skin is on the sensitive side […]