J-deite Quarter – Transformer Robot By Brave Robotics

j-deite humanoid

During my childhood and teen years, the idea of giant robots appealed to me but I was never a huge fan of Transformers or the Gundam series. I was much more interested in imagining what it would be like and less into watching it on cartoons on television. Heck, I still sometimes day dream about […]

Sometimes Honesty Really IS the Best Policy

Photo by Matt Handy

I’ve been fortunate enough to have met a lot of great people over the years. I have a strong group of friends in two completely different cities in Canada. I moved to Montreal, made more friends, and kept close contact with my friends from Vancouver. I visit them a few times a year. Now, having […]

Romain Jerome x DC Comics Batman-DNA watches


Did you know Batman is 75 years old? He looks pretty good for such an old man and can kick some serious bad guy ass. To celebrate his 75th birthday, Colette has teamed up with Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome and created the limited edition Romain Jerome x DC Comics Batman-DNA watches; limited to 75 pieces. […]

Welcome To The Vape Club – Gourmet E Liquids

vaping kit and e juice

We’ve written about a number of smoking utensils including the Argile and a number of electronic cigarette brands. Of course smoking should be avoided but if you are someone who has no plans on quitting then perhaps making the switch to an electronic cigarette might be an idea to give your body a bit of […]

Virtual Reality IS The Future of Porn


Virtual reality is amazing. You may not have tried it yet, but believe me, you will. Once you do, you’ll truly understand why it’s such a game changer. VR is the future of media, and I believe that virtual reality porn is going to drive that in a big way. Virtual reality is the future […]

Why Diamond Cut Is SO Important

Photo by Tela Chhe

I love diamonds! Everyone who knows me knows that I cannot wait to have my very own diamond engagement ring. But even my closest friends didn’t know (until now) that I am considering the purchase of a diamond for my right hand. Yes, my significant other and I are moving our relationship in the right […]