Velopresso – For The Mobile Coffee Guru

Velopresso tricycle coffee shop

Coffee shops are a huge business and based on my experience, people are willing to purchase coffee from anyone whether you are a franchisee or a one-off cafe catering to a niche market. People say they only support local cafes but in reality, they will buy coffee from anyone just to get their fix (yes, […]

The Original Apple Watch


There has been a lot of fanfare about the Apple Watch (or iWatch, as it was speculated) over the last few years. Late in 2014 Apple finally announced the watch and it should be arriving at Apple stores this year. But did you know there was another Apple watch, way back in the 1990’s? Yes, […]

How to Get Started in Property Investment

Photo by Images of Money

Many people want to get into investment properties because it can be a reliable way to increase your assets over time. If you are thinking about getting into property investment, follow these tips to ensure a successful outcome: Review Your Current Financial Position Take a moment to sit down and review your current financial position […]

GoSun Sport Stove – Solar Cooking

GoSun Solar stove

Our sun has been around for over 4.5 billion years and countless cultures of the past have worshiped it as if it was a god. Without the sun, we are royally screwed. The sun is a powerful source of energy that gives life to the earth and humans have learned of ways to harness its […]

2015 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe Review


Dear Santa, I know Christmas just passed, but I would like to get a head start on 2015. I promise I’ll be a good boy this year, I won’t speed (too much), I’ll try not to get any tickets, I’ll listen to my mom, I’ll keep my room clean, I’ll do the dishes, and I’ll […]

Is This The Future of Virtual Reality for Couples? Diffusing a Bomb in VR


I’m a big fan of virtual reality. I’ve been lucky enough to have tried the developer version of the Oculus Rift, and the experience has turned me into a true believer. I believe that a decade from now, we’ll look back on VR as one of those society shifting technologies. Really, it’s that good. Virtual […]

Top 10 Bachelor Party Ideas on a Budget

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Not everyone can afford a jet to Amsterdam or Krakow, a mega-trip to Vegas, or a weekend of multiple activities and drinking in a major city. The good news is that there are many lower-price bachelor party options that will still create an unforgettable and unbelievable weekend for the stag and his loyal pals. In […]