5 Cool Cars You Can’t Buy in Canada


There are a handful of cars available in Canada that you can’t buy in many other markets around the world, but not too many. On the other hand, there is a huge list of cars that you can’t buy in Canada; some of these cars are pretty cool, and we really lust for them. Unfortunately, […]

Why It’s Important to Stay Well Groomed

ugly ungroomed nails

I’ve developed this… habit, over the years. It’s not a drug habit, but I find it every bit as addictive. You see, while I’m walking down the street I’m constantly looking at people’s butts. A person’s butt says a lot about them. Their fitness being the obvious one, but also their heritage, their style, etc. […]

IcyBreeze Cooler – Portable Air Conditioner

icybreeze cooler air conditioner

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about the awesome Coolest cooler which has a slew of features including a 12volt blender for smoothies and milkshakes. The Coolest crowd funding Kickstarter project is doing amazingly well and is already over $7.6 million dollars with 31 days to go. But I found another cooler which literally […]

Apple’s 1986 Clothing Collection is Truly Inspirational

apple 1986 clothing line

Are you a… cool dude? Do you know what it means to be… totally radical? I like to think I’ve taught you a thing or two about fashion over the years, but you know what? I’ve been holding out. Today we’re going to take things to the next level with a little inspiration from Apple. […]

The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

Walking Dead season 5 trailer

The Walking Dead is one of the favorite shows of the staff at Unfinished Man. We might even like it a bit more than Game of Thrones, which has become predictable in its unpredictability, at least to me. We left season 4 of The Walking Dead off with Rick making a short speech and saying […]

In the Doghouse? How to Get Yourself Out

man in the doghouse

Ever since that one thing happened, your significant other has been ignoring your attempts to reconcile, giving you less praise than usual, and so on. We call this the doghouse. If this is your first time in the doghouse, never fear, for there are numerous ways out. They might not be immediately obvious (or immediately […]