“For What It’s Worth” By Dillon Marsh Photography

blue mine copper mining

As a kid growing up in the US and Canada during the 1990’s, I was lucky enough to have an actual childhood that involved exploring the outdoors, riding bikes, and playing sports with all the kids in the neighborhood. TV and video games were around but the main focus was still towards outdoor activities. But […]

Renovo Coupe – America’s First Electric Supercar?


The Renovo Coupe is the latest electric car from Silicon Valley and is described as “the first all-electric American supercar” by the company’s co-founder and CEO Christopher Heiser. Some internet commenters (i.e. self-proclaimed experts) say this is not a supercar. I don’t know whether it is or not but it seems plenty powerful to me. […]

Makeup Skills – Work of Laura Jenkinson

Genie lip art

Makeup can do wonders for the skin taking your everyday person and completely transforming the look of a person. I think we’ve all seen photographs of celebrities with and without makeup and the differences are pretty amazing. Even a few weeks ago, I showed you guys a video with men trying on makeup for the […]

Considering CrossFit? Here’s What a Typical Workout Looks Like

typical crossfit workout

We’re big advocates of good health and fitness here at Unfinished Man. Getting exercise is especially important as we get older, not just because it helps us live longer, healthier lives, but because obese people are terrifying. I’m not joking, they make me very uncomfortable. So with that being said, we encourage any kind of […]

Luminox SureFire 2211 Wristlight Tactical Watches


I’ve written about watches with GPS, watches that send out emergency signals, even watches that let you answer your phone and emails. But never a watch with a flashlight, heck I didn’t even know there was a need for such a watch. But I guess there is a need, and here’s the Luminox SureFire 2211 […]