Cash Hacking — When Spending is Saving

card thief man

Experts will often tell you to cut down on your spending in order to save yourself some money, and this is sound advice… but not always. In a bit of news that will be music to the ears of shopaholics everywhere, one of the most novel ways of saving money is to spend it. It […]

Hyundai Tucson – The Walking Dead Edition

walking dead zombie hyundai tucson

Since the vehicle of choice is a Hyundai Tucson on AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead, the automaker has decided to release Hyundai Tucson “The Walking Dead” Edition. The Tucson that’s hitting the show room floors is not nearly as cool as the Hyundai Elantra Zombie Survival Machine I wrote about a couple of years […]

Keep Cool With The Wagan Cooling Car Seat Cushion

cooling car seat

For the longest of time, I drove a car that had no sound system, no heat, no A/C, and forget about heated seats. The Datsun 260Z may have been old but she sure was a beauty, even when compared to modern day sports cars. Anyways, summer is officially here and most us will either be […]

Withings Activite: A Swiss Watch With A Fitness Tracker


The introduction of the Motorola Moto 360 watch was the first step in popularizing the new trend of smart watches, in my humble opinion. It is the first smart watch that looks like an elegant wristwatch, without looking geeky. Now we have another elegant smart watch option, by a French company called Withings and the […]

The Huntsman Henley Review – A Modern Classic by Triple Aught Design

huntsman henley triple aught design

I’ve written about Triple Aught Design quite a bit over the last six months. TAD apparel is a long time staple of mine, and when I realized I was in desperate need of a new henley (no, really… my wardrobe needed some updates), picking up their latest refresh of the Huntsman Henley was a no-brainer. […]

Bed Fan From Brookstone – Keep Cool Between The Sheets

bed fan with wireless remote

Just a couple of weeks ago, we wrote about a couple of different fans like the Cooling Mist Fan and Haiku Smart Fan. Now those fans are great for cooling down an entire room but different people have different preferences. My wife for example likes a cold bed for sleeping but when she gets up […]