Creating Your Home Away From Home


If you’ve been following Unfinished Man for any amount of time, perhaps you’ve read a few of my articles. I’ve covered a wide range of topics, but what you might not realize is that I essentially travel for a living. You see, I’m an entrepreneur, and though my home is in the United States, much […]

Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale – Ben & Jerry’s Beer


If you’re a fan of beer and ice cream then I got some pretty good news for you. The popular ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, along with New Belgium Brewing are set to release a beer in the fall of 2015. The beer flavor has already been picked and will be called Salted Caramel […]

Brathwait Automatic Minimalist Wrist Watches


As much as I like extremely complicated watches by the likes of MB&F, Urwerk, and others, I also appreciate the beauty of a simple classic design. In fact, my first “real watch” was a Movado Museum piece, which I’ve owned for over a decade and I still love it. Today I’d like to introduce you […]

Anatomy of a Tire Killer


You might have seen my post on the first round of this season of Formula Drift. I realized after the fact that some of you might not be familiar with the series or drifting in general. As a follow up I wanted to walk you through what goes into a car designed to slide around […]

G-Class Knock Off Alert – Chinese BAIC BJ80C

G-Class knock-off BAIC BJ80C

We have featured Chinese knock-off cars in the past and here is another one to add to the list. For those that follow this site on a daily or weekly basis, you have probably seen a number of posts on the Mercedes G-Class and Land Rover Defender vehicles. It happens one of our most favorite […]

How to Save Money On Clothes

Photo by Barney Bishop

As the popularity of men’s fashion continues to grow, the variety of brands and styles also continue to increase. Not only is this good news for men who are looking for numerous styles and designs, it is also good news because it creates greater opportunities to save money on those very clothes. In this article, […]