Scion FR-S Targa And Friends At The SEMA Show

Scion FR-S T1

Just yesterday, I wrote about the which was created with the help of Cartel Customs. The Scion FR-S T1 is another project created with the help of Cartel Customs which is even better and sexier in preparation for the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Car manufacturers have seem to forgotten about Targas or […]

Collapsible Belt Scooter – Wearable Transportation

scooter belt

Our are ever changing and we continue to see new innovations year after year. The Belt Scooter is a unique take on portable transportation. As part of a graduation degree project in industrial design, Adam Torok of Hungary, came up with a unique concept of a belt that turns into a scooter to get you […]

The Most Astounding Beaches in Britain

Photo by Dachalan

For most people, one of life’s greatest passions is to travel and see the wonderful places our beautiful world has to offer. As you travel, it is important to make your journey a pleasurable part of your holiday, and stopping only at service stations when you need fuel means missing the full spectrum of what […]

2015 Scion tC Release Series 9.0

Scion tC RS 9.0

Scion is a brand of cars produced by Toyota for the North American market and was originally geared towards “Generation Y”. I don’t know if that’s still their long-term goal but I can see their vehicles appealing to the younger crowds. To date, none of their vehicles have appealed to me except for the which […]

Assassin’s Creed: Unity — Cinematic Trailer


Assassin’s Creed: Unity is coming out in just a few weeks. It may just be the most anticipated title in the franchise’s history, and you can be sure that Ubisoft will release trailer after trailer to get gamers even more excited. Apparently they’re even advertising on TV! This “cinematic trailer” you’re about to watch was […]

How Hollywood is Distorting Reality


Pick a random weekend at the theater and you could be watching movies about how a geeky teen can turn into a superhero thanks to a freak accident, or how love can conquer anything. Some movies are clearly fantasy. We’re sure no one’s going to run out and start searching for radioactive spiders to help […]