Overboard iPad Case is 100% Water Proof

100% Water Proof Ipad case

100% Water Proof Ipad case

A while ago we brought you the super tough iPad Extreme Sleeve which is capable of taking one hell of a beating but now we’ve got one that can go deep under water. Yep, you heard correct. Not water resistant, but 100% water proof or so they say.

Thanks to Overboard’s Slide Seal system, the iPad is submersible for up to six meters. By simply moving the four sliders to the closed position on the pouch, the gadget inside will be 100% protected. And with the clear window, you can still use your iPad’s touch screen functions underwater. Not too sure how well the Wi-Fi reception is down below but you can at least save a draft of an e-mail before some crazy sea creature takes you down. Another added bonus is the fact that this iPad case will float in the water.

The Overboard Ipad Case will set you back £34.99.

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