Moto Sutra – Kama Sutra Twist on Motorcycle Riding Positions

Sexy Motorcycle Riding Positions

A while back, we showed you guys the Snuggie Sutra showing us some interesting and freaky things that can take place in a Snuggie. Today, we have a video from the Russian YouTube channel, Vshleme, which incorporates the Kama Sutra with various motorcycle riding positions. If the pure power and performance of a motorcycle isn’t enough to get your adrenaline going then maybe this Russian babe will.

The video below demonstrates various riding positions of different types of motorcycles such as a sport bike, chopper, touring bike, and a scooter. The guy who plays the role of a motorcycle is one lucky bastard…even if it is dry humping. Watch the video, show it to your girl, and maybe you can practice the Moto Sutra this weekend.

Moto Sutra – Motorcyle Riding Positions

The video is pretty cool and the “motorcycle” probably had a lot of fun playing the role of a chopper and motocross bike. I like the various sound effects and it adds a bit of “realism” to the role playing. The scooter part was probably a bit uncomfortable with heels digging into his torso. At the very, very end of the video is probably the most ideal position in my opinion although it does require the guy to do most of the work.

If you understand Russian, head over to their YouTube channel and check out some of their videos.

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