Flaming Matchstick Art – Stanislav Aristov Photography


There’s an oft repeated saying that dictates “more is less!”. I’ve heard it so many times as to render it almost meaningless, but in a sense, it’s actually true. When we make a conscious decision to limit ourselves, even just a little bit… limit ourselves to a particular direction, or style, or medium, then a few interesting things happen. The paradox of choice becomes less of an issue, because we’ve removed some of those choices, and often times simplicity then reigns supreme. No where is that more obvious than in art and photography.

Created using only flaming matchsticks arranged in a particular way, and shot with what must have been incredible patience, Russian photographer Stanislav Aristov – better known as Pol Tergejst – has created a set of matchstick art that’s both minimalist and beautiful.

Flame On! with Stanislav Aristov

matchstick art butterfly

As some of you may have noticed, I have a keen interest in video games and the gaming industry as a whole. If you share that passion, then consider this for a moment… imagine an entire game (or at least, a whole scene) comprised of creatures made from just smoke and flaming matchsticks. I don’t know about you, but I think it would be awesome. I’m sure someone could come up with both a good story, and subsequent reason to have a matchstick art styled game world.

spider fire art

glowing eyes at night

I don’t find this photo the most exciting of the bunch, but I don’t find it the most funny. I can’t help but picture a sort of cracked out animal, unable to sleep, stalking around the flaming match stick forest for prey. I don’t know what kind of pray, but I’m guessing something flammable.

matchstick plant art

butterfly art

smoking airplane

clover done in fire

Just to go back to my video game inspired idea… imagine seeing a bunch of delicate flaming clovers covering the floor of that fantasy, matchstick forest. Probably not much fun for whoever is walking through them, but let’s just assume our hero can fly.

flaming catterpillar

Okay, this caterpillar is pretty awesome. I mean, he’s not flaming monkey, but I’ll let Stanislav off the hook for the time being.

More Stanislav the Conquerer

He’s like Conan the Barbarian, but even better! He can knock out elephants with a single punch, while creating stunning matchstick art at the same time with his other free hand. Yeah… just like that. He also happens to have an official website where you can view more of his fantastic work. Head over to his official website and browse around, but beware… it’s completely in Russian, so you may want to bone up on your Cyrillic before you do. After that, you can check out another collection of his work on this site… no Russian required.


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