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Man with half waxed chest

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Let’s put aside the age old-stigma that waxing and shaving below the neck is just for women. Historically, the act of removing body hair can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt where priests would shave their entire bodies every three days. And in 5th century BC, the Greeks celebrated hairless, athletic men as beautiful while hairy dudes were considered to be hideous and barbarians.

There are several reasons why men these days are getting rid of that excess body hair. The top reason is the media which can include male models in commercials, athletes, and movies. You know you want to look like them even if you don’t admit to it. Another reason why men are shedding their thick, luxurious “man coat” is thanks to their girlfriends. Girlfriends are always nagging about things that are simply not important but you can trust them on this one, trust me. You are also guaranteed more positive attention from the ladies at the beach if that excess hair is taken care of.

So what type of shaving is right for you? Do you use a grooming system? Maybe creams like Nair? Perhaps waxing is right for you? Or even laser treatment?

Body Grooming Systems

I personally use the “Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System” which does wonders. It can literally mow down the thickest hair in any region of your body. This man groomer features a trimmer attachment that fits two combs with 5-lock in length adjustments, a hypoallergenic foil attachment which will protect your boys from nicks and cuts, and a cleaning brush. This groomer is also maintenance free since the self sharpening blades never need lubrication. Even better, it’s water resistant so you can use it in the shower.  I’m sure there are other grooming systems on the market but this is the one I bought about a year ago and still in perfect working condition.

Besides my man groomer, let us have a look at a few other options that may be right for you.


Remember The 40 Year Old Virgin? Yeah, let’s not have one of those waxing sessions. If guys plan on going the waxing route, please keep the pubes out of it. According the USA Today, not only are men waxing their backs but also getting bikini line waxes. What’s really scary is that some men are waxing shapes in their pubic region. Waxing is a good option for men as long as you keep it above the belt. The benefits of waxing are that with continued use, the hair will grow back thinner because the roots of the hair are weakened. Not only does the hair grow back thinner but it takes longer for the hair to grow back between each waxing session.

Laser Treatment

If you have fair skin, dark hair, and lots of money then this laser treatment would be the ideal option for you. Laser treatments are FDA approved and involve a laser zapping and killing the hair follicle. You would need to know if you are a good candidate for this treatment because as mentioned, this treatment works best on people with fair skin and darker hair. Darker hair seems to absorb the lasers energy best and makes treatment easier. Although laser treatment offers permanent reduction in hair it is also considered to be the most expensive option with each session costing hundreds of dollars. Multiple sessions are needed for the treatment to work effectively and permanently.

Hair Removal Cream: Nair

I’ve tried this method in my late teens a couple of times. Each time, I’ve regretted using this garbage cream.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, then this product is right for you.

  • Do you like the smell of burning hair and cat piss?
  • Do you like the acid burning sensation on your skin?
  • Do you enjoy rashes and irritation on your skin?
  • Do you enjoy volcano shaped blisters?

Products like Nair use a solution called depilatory which is made up of calcium thioglycolate or barium sulfide that removes hair. The chemical components of depilatories are alkaline and the strong bases basically dissolve the proteins in the hair.

So if any of you guys were considering Nair or Veet, I wish you the best of luck.


This is a good method for getting those isolated hairs or cleaning up the eye brows. What ever you do, please don’t go the Zac Efron route.

Zac Efron waxes eyebrows

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If you are looking for a cheap and easy solution to your hair problem, then I would suggest a man grooming system such as the Philips BG2030. You can get a very close, smooth shave for around $60 if not less. And even better, the groomer will last you for years. A semi-permanent option would have to be waxing but that can be pretty painful and it also gets pretty messy. If finances permit, go with the laser treatment.


  1. guest says

    I am the kinda woman that just can’t handle man shaving anything but his face. It’s less sexy than the natural state of man. Just my opinion, but I like a little chest hair, a soft layer of bum hair… makes me feel like I’m with well A MAN and not a teenage boy. Plus the stubbly arm or chest or back is just gross.

    • Anto6ka_f says

      If you realy like a hairy men than i would suggest you to have sex with a monkey or a dog ! IT IS DISGUSTING ! There is nothing sexy NOTHING in man hair, it is 21 century outside, but you are still living in a forest ! Enjoy your monkey man ! All Men has to shave their faces, trim their cocks, and remove underarms with hair on their chests ! only smelly americans dont do that , because they have nothing to hide from their big ass pandas wifes. I am a 27 year old lady who recomends to every one to remove their hair, use lazer !

      • Rhi says

        Your a complete freak, and i agree with the woman above, you racist, foul mouthed, narrow minded idiot.

  2. Beardsley57 says

    How sick! What kind of pervert would do this to themselves? Nothing looks grosser than festering ingrown hairs suffered by people who try to defeat nature all to please a whim. You can bet someone will regret this later. And those chemicals will destroy your skin. It’s just not natural!

  3. master says

    its all about looking real is just so fake the only thing real is pain… just imagine and u are the president of the usa and u have hairy face, arms, chest and legs..butt dont smell,, trust me people will start talking…also i am hairy and it feels like sand on my body i would like to do something.. but not sure.. cute face but hairy body…

  4. says

    I have to say the absolute worst thing you can do to shave body hair is use a razor!! You are guaranteed razor burn no matter what you use for pre and post treatment. I can attest to trying everything out there, I model swimsuits and underwear and I can’t have a single bump or blemish. I use the Phillips Bodygroom 2030, and the 2030 is the only one you should buy, the other models do not work anywhere near as good. Also Nair foam for men is wonderful, can even be used in the privates area. I have devoted a great deal of time to this for my members of my Blog Bikini Bodies. Males and females alike can’t believe the great results. NO, I don’t sell anything, just want everyone to look their best.

  5. says

    I am a Licensed Esthetician, which you should go to if you wish to receive professional hair removal services. 26% of my income last year derived from men seeking hair removal services, half of which is for Brazilians. The number one reason most clients tell me, is for hygiene. It is so much cleaner, especially during the summer when, at 105

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