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Super Luxurious: Lexani Tuned Mercedes Sprinter Van with a Room

Lexani Sprinter

We’ve written about a few custom luxury vans that look like unassuming “plain ‘ole” vans on the outside but are like private jets/luxury yachts on the inside (click here and here to see our previous posts).  We also wrote about the armored Toyota Sequoia done up by Lexani Motorcars, the same company brings us the ultra-luxurious bespoke Mercedes-Benz Sprinter L5-B coach van, and boy is it a doozy!

On the outside, this luxurious Sprinter van looks like any other Sprinter with the exception of fancy wheels (optional), you probably won’t even give it a second look thinking it’s just another delivery van.  And that’s the point of this thing, staying inconspicuous, because one can never be too careful, especially if they’re loaded.

Lexani tuned Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van interior

The interior of the Lexani Motorcars’ Sprinter van is a mix of a Rolls Royce, a private jet, and a luxurious yacht.  It’s beautiful, featuring soft-touch materials throughout the cabin.  There is wood everywhere, leather seating and Alcantara surfaces, and even gold trim.  The list of options on this luxurious Sprinter van is pretty long and is not limited to what’s show here.  Buyers can customize the list of items they want to put in their van, the sky is the limit.  The van shown here is priced at $292,000 and comes with the following items on the inside:

  • 2 six-way power executive leather seats w/ heat & massage
  • 2 executive leather seats
  • Luxury bar station
  • 46” Samsung LED TV w/ 3D capability
  • Apple iPad docking station
  • TrackVision satellite TV
  • PlayStation 3 (Blu-ray player)
  • Logitech 1100 Touchscreen management system
  • Video conferencing
  • Front & rear security cameras with monitors
  • Bose home theater system with surround sound
  • Wi-Fi 4G network capability
  • Luxury ambient lighting
  • Custom window shades
  • Freezer/refrigerator
  • H/D A/C for passenger cabin
  • Gold-plated accents
  • Vehicle security/alarm system
  • Custom designed front cabin
  • Electronic front privacy partition
  • Lexani custom design power table with cabinet
  • 2n HD Air conditioning system
  • Partition door and storage cabinet
  • Custom luxury finish accents in burl wood
  • Custom orthopedic mattress
  • 1000-watt Alpine audio system
  • Intercom system
  • Suede lined headliner and cabin walls
  • Plush high quality carpeting

Did I mention the Sprinter van comes with a luxurious bedroom in the back?  The room has, what looks to be a queen sized bed, a big screen TV, iPad dock, lots of wood, and even a door.  I could’ve used a van like this in my college days.

Lexani Motorcars Tuned Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

Lexani tuned Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van bedroomLuxurious Lexani tuned Mercedes Sprinter Van bedroomLexani tuned Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VanLexani tuned Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van[Via: Lexani]

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jonny 2013/01/31

That’s the greatest thing iv ever seen.


Faisal 2013/02/01

Yes, it’s pretty awesome.
When I’m a billionaire, this is the car I’m going to buy and ask Jeeves to drive me around :)


Philip 2013/02/01

Super cool and super classy…,
but why those hideous rims!!! looks like something you by at the china store…


Faisal 2013/02/01

Maybe the purpose is to make the van look ugly, so you won’t look at it again??


iDevice 2013/04/05

Simply Amazing -Fit N Finish


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