Limited Edition Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Watch


Syncing the time on your wristwatch using radio signals is so last year, the latest watch from Citizen uses satellite signals to get the job done.  And they don’t just use one or two satellites; they use 24 navigation satellites that are constantly orbiting the earth.

The limited edition Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave watch searches for the closest satellite in orbit, grabs the signal from it to set the time, day, and date with the atomic time.  Now you won’t have any excuses for being late to meetings or other important events.  Like all Eco-Drive watches, the Satellite Wave’s battery is charged with light and it comes with a world timer that includes times from 26 cities from around the world.  No word on prices yet.  These watches are available on ranging in price from $229 to $525.

[Source: Citizen]


  1. Rumi says

    I collect watches (mainly manual complications) but must get my hands on this Citizen. When will it be launched and do u have any suggestions ion how I could get one of these limited edition watches ?

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