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pretty japanese girl floats above her reflection in a puddle

pretty japanese girl floats above her reflection in a puddleWe at Unfinished Man send our thoughts and prayers to all those who are being effected by the crazy wrath of the earth in Japan right now; without the Japanese, we wouldn’t have great sushi, gorgeous doll-like women, toilets that blow warm air on your butt, and all the other beautiful things that make the culture great. To be fair, a lot of photo projects out of Japan can be pretty terrifying, but we’re working to reverse that stereotype by showing you this incredibly shot collection of ‘levitation’ pieces by Natsuimi Hayashi.  I love how she manages to keep a straight face as she ‘floats’ past civilians; most jumping photos are frenetic and filled with a sense of explosive movement, but these photos are beautifully serene. See some more of these amazing shots after the jump.

pretty japanese girl floats over the street
[click this last one for larger, 3d viewing]


    • Gina says

      They’re not actually our photos, so you should ask the photographer for permission- click on the link to her blog, and she has a contact form! She’s very nice and answers emails from all over the world.

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