iXOOST – Beautiful Car Exhaust Docking Station

iXoost Exhaust Manifold Docking Station

When you throw people who love cars and people who love audio in the same room, you would expect to see a car with a bad ass sound system installed in it. That would be a pretty accurate assumption but we all know one should never assume. Instead of the car with the fancy sound system, the end result is the iXoost docking station for the iPod/iPhone.

The iXoost is entirely hand-built in Modena, Italy with the base built out of a solid block of aluminum and then fitted with eight, ten, or twelve cylinder exhaust manifold which has been twisted and turned into a masterpiece using  five-axis machines.

Exhuast Manifold iPod iPhone docking station

The entire docking station can be customized specifically to the customer’s specifications and the one pictured above is what I designed for myself with a few clicks using the iXoost website.  All the models come with high quality Schedoni leather and feature a 140W active subwoofer.

iXoost Exhaust Manifold Docking Station

Unfortunately, iXoost will only dock with the iPod and iPhone which is a bit disappointing. But the good news is that it’s supposed to sound pretty amazing. With a starting price of $6200, it better sound good. There is definitely more expensive and better sounding systems out there but this is by far my most favorite in the looks department.

For more details and specs, check out iXoost.

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