Hyper Realistic Pencil Drawings by Artist Diego Fazio


Since mankind first sprouted legs and walked on land, people have been creating art in some form or another. Over the centuries, that art has evolved. Today, people can create just about anything they imagine, and the tools continue to improve with the likes of 3D printing and other technologies as yet unimaginable.

But there’s something to be said for the classic mediums, and it seems that even with something as ancient as pencil drawings, modern artists can create incredibly beautiful, life like renderings of just about anything. Artist Diego Fazio is one such man, and at a mere 22 years of age, he’s one of the most talented realistic pencil drawing artists I’ve ever seen. The women in particular are incredibly well done.

Diego Fazio, The Master of Realistic Pencil Drawings


When you consider that this is black and white, and that her skin is so smooth, it’s really quite incredible just how much detail Diego Fazio managed to cram into this little pencil drawing. I wonder what she’s looking at…


This particular piece is simply called “Virus”, and given the bag under his… eye, I’m guessing he’s picked up a nasty case of the common cold, or perhaps a simple zombie infection. Someone has certainly seen better days.


His face almost looks like it was molded from clay, or made of wax. Lots of subtle little details, especially around the characters lips.


This is my absolutely favorite of the bunch, and I’m sure you can appreciate why. It really brings new meaning to the term “hyper realistic pencil drawings”, and she’s one fine looking lady to boot. How he managed to make her actually look wet, I can’t begin to imagine. I would love to see what kind of *ahem* nude drawings he could come up with.


If you didn’t believe that this was a drawing, well… here’s the proof. This is a picture of Diego Fazio working on the woman you just saw. Even this little sliver of work looks fantastic, and you already know what the end result looks like.


Again, this… is a pencil drawing. Can you believe that? While I was drawing stick figures as a child, Diego was probably putting out pieces like this. If you’re an aspiring artist, use Diego’s work as inspiration.


Though far less realistic than the previous pencil drawings, I quite enjoy this none the less. The stark lighting and the creepy face mask make for an excellent piece.

More Diego Fazio

If you’re interested in seeing more incredible, hyper realistic pencil drawings by Mr. Diego Fazio, then head over to his official website and take a look around. I’ve only included a small sampling of the work he’s created, and absolutely all of them are worth checking out. In fact, if you really like his work, support him by buying a print of his work. You can do that on his website as well, and the prices are extremely reasonable.


  1. Daniel Martin says

    This is the most incredible, realistic pencil drawing that I have ever seen. I know that some people like abstract art or impressionistic art, for my money this hyper realistic pencil drawing is the most challenging and visually appealing art.

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