Hump Day Hotties – Weirdness Edition 01

Red Shoe Model

I’ve been writing for Unfinished Man for quite some time now, and through the course of my time here, one thing has remained constant; the never ending deluge of emails from readers and staff members alike asking me to post up more skin, and to stop blathering so much every once in a while. Well, I’ve finally taken that to heart. Starting today – and continuing every Wednesday – I’m going to post up eight photos of the adult variety, because eight is a lucky number. Less talking, and no more messing around.

This weeks edition of Hump Day Hotties features a number of, well… I don’t even know how to describe this selection. I started looking around for interesting material, and was quickly struck by the amount of hilariously weird and awkward shots floating around on Google+. Honestly, I didn’t even have to try for these ones!

 Weirdness Edition 01

woman in tree

woman watching television

cat sitting on woman

woman playing a flute

woman in bed with bike

woman holding plate of waffles

bacon and eggs

Like I said, I don’t even know. I hope you enjoyed this wonderful collection of climbing, music creation, and breakfast foods. All credit goes to the original authors; people who may or may not be sick and twisted individuals.

If you have any suggestions for next weeks edition of Hump Day Hotties, send me an email or leave a comment below!


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