Hump Day Hotties – Stefan Grosjean Photography


Readers, friends, and fellow photography enthusiasts… it’s been a while.

I’ll spare you the apologies this time, since you’ve heard them time and time again. I’m busy, my dog ate the photos, I was painting the house… you know how it goes. I’ve really got no good excuse, so instead of wasting your time, I’m going to dive right in and show you what I’ve cooked up for this weeks collection. 

Bathtub Beauties?

I know, it’s a little weak, but the models are anything but. This collection is all about getting clean, or perhaps cleaning up from getting dirty, and Stefan Grosjean has come up with some awesome, awesome work. I like mood and ambiance, but sometimes it’s nice to just see people having fun.


But let’s not rush things here… before every good bath, we need to have a stretch. No, not that kind of stretch you pervert!


There, that’s better. Looks a bit cramped, though. Seriously, who the hell ordered such small bathtubs? I don’t think I could fit even half of myself into these little Matrix like pods.

stefan-grosjean-photography02 stefan-grosjean-photography03

I tried this once, and it was very, very cold. I can’t really recommend it. No, I suggest using, you know… some water.

stefan-grosjean-photography04 stefan-grosjean-photography05 stefan-grosjean-photography07 stefan-grosjean-photography08

And this is after the bath. Nothing better than airing things out a bit after cleaning up. I’m partial to a silver shawl personally, but red is fine too… it’s a respectable color.

More Stefan Grosjean

As per usual, I’ve shared only my favorites from the collection, and I’m betting that you’re hungry for more. You’re quite a keen one for the photography, eh? In that case, do a quick search for “Stefan Grosjean” using your favorite search engine (I recommend DuckDuckGo), and away you go. Here’s done a wide range of awesome albums featuring all sorts of locals and scenery, and I promise, you’re going to love his other work every bit as much as what I’ve shared here today.

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