Hump Day Hotties – Patricia Pastore Photography


It’s a brand new year, and if you can remember back before personal computers and smart phones were common place, then perhaps January meant something else to you as well. Remember those things called calendars? They used to actually be made of paper, if you can believe it. They would feature animals, vehicles, and most often of all… beautiful women.

Today’s collection of photos are by photographer Patricia Pastore. The entire collection if black and white, and many of them actually appear to be from a sort of calendar. Now you just have to sit back, relax, and try and decide which month you like the best. Just beware… they’re out of order. I’m sorry for any confusion this may cause you.

Patricia Pastore Calendar… Maybe.

woman posing

two people standing

black outfit

I’m guessing this wouldn’t be suitable for work, right? Her intentions to send photos back to her significant other might be a bit… transparent, to her co-workers.

person loungingtorn shirt

hands on hips

I think this is my favorite month, and this happens to be the only photo in the collection that doesn’t actually have a month. Because of that, I’m going to call it Bumgust. It’s like August (one of my favorite months), mixed with, well… you get the idea. The whole “gust” part sounds a little weird in this context though.

december calendar

stretching legsMore Patricia?

This is usually the point at which I give you a little bit more information about the photographer, and provide a link to his or her website. Though I would absolutely love to do that, unfortunately I can’t. Try as I might to find an official website, I was only able to find one that’s, well… very dead. So you have my humble apologies, and if you – gracious reader – happen to know something about her that I don’t, please feel free to share a note in the comments below, and I’ll update this post accordingly.

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