Hump Day Hotties – Alisa Verner

Black shirt

Before you type out that angry comment or email, let me apologize in advance. I know it’s not Wednesday, and that I’m a day late, and it’s been weeks since the last edition of Hump Day Hotties. I’m very sorry all around, and I sincerely hope that you forgive me after seeing this incredible collection of photographs by Alisa Verner. Believe me, they were well worth the wait.

You’re going to notice a very distinct trend with this particular set. I know that you’re used to more varied sets, but before you go but but but… let me stop you and suggest that you start saying butt butt butt instead. This collection features a lot of soft lighting, and even softer… clothing. Many of the models are actually wearing some for a change, which is another rarity here. Man, I really am switching things up this week, aren’t I?

Alisa Verner Photography

woman in stockings

dotted stockings

laying in a bathtub

hand on pants

Black shirt

woman on a stool

woman with a rabbit

black ribbon on person

Wasn’t that a great collection? There’s nothing particularily crazy about any of the photos, unlike some of the previous sets I’ve posted, and that’s just fine. I’m a real fan of the langerie, and would love to see more work from Alisa in that vein. Seeing a woman in her birthday suit is great, but clothing – and in particular langerie – adds a certain mystique and intrique that’s I enjoy every so often.

If you’re looking for more photographs from Alisa Verner, head over to her Alafoto Blog and feast your eyes on her very sizeable… collection of photos. She has dozens shot in a similar fashion, and though I chose my favourites for this post, the rest of her work is equally impressive.

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