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Between all of us working here at Unfinished Man, we’ve traveled to every continent except for Antarctica.  The trips are always an adventure but finding the right place to book can be just as much of an adventure and not necessarily in a good way.

Which sites can you trust?  And are the big name sites really giving you the best deal on the internet?  These are pretty important things to consider and you want to stretch your money as much as possible.  We recently came across which helps travelers find affordable rates for hotels around the world.Navigating the website is very simple and I like how visitors to the site are not bombarded with a million links and tabs.  It’s very user friendly and you don’t need to be a computer whiz to find exactly what you are looking for.

The website specifically offers hotel accommodations which makes it more of a specialty website as opposed to the hundreds of other sites that try and sell you so many other things that you do not need.  The rates are fantastic and after doing the exact same search on 3 other popular travel websites, EasytoBook came back with an average a 30% cheaper rate than the other sites.

I like how the site is multilingual with the option to choose from 11 languages making it universally accessible.  The search result speed on the site is extremely fast and we love how the user reviews from trip advisor is tied in to the website so you don not need to leave the page to view customer feedback for the accommodation you are considering.

With over 10 million bookings made since 2004 it is obvious that EasytoBook is definitely the one-stop shop for hotel accommodation.  So next time you go on a trip do yourself a favor and save yourself some time and money by using

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