Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves – The Best Winter Gloves for… Horseback Riders?


As I write these words, I’m listening to a song about “nuclear seasons” and summer loving in the back seat (back door?). It’s a cheery – though mostly incomprehensible – song, but its also reminded me of just how shitty it is outside. If you happen to live in Eastern Canada like I do, then perhaps you can sympathize. It’s cold, it’s snowy, and the wind blows mercilessly. It’s the type of weather for warm coats, boots, and most definitely gloves. I need to protect the money makers, right? 😐

There’s a problem with this though… the cold, the snow… the winter gear. You see, I usually loathe winter gear (especially gloves), and when I found myself in need of something a little more protective than surplus wool gloves from the German military, well… I died a little inside. Gloves are always thick, inflexible, and hideous, right? Not so my friends. It seems that horseback riders of all people have been keeping the secret to warm, flexible, handsome hands all along, and that secret is the Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves.

The Coolest Winter Gloves Around

What you’re about to see are completely uncensored photos of a Canadian winter. They’re dark, they’re dreary, and sensitive viewers may want to turn off their screens. I apologize for the graphic nature of these photos.

heritage extreme winter gloves

As far as winter gloves go, I think these look rather stylish. Though they are indeed designed to be worn by those in the equestrian arts, they’re perfectly suited for just about any type of activity, including holding onto a freezing cold railing on my balcony.

When these photos were taken, the temperature was hovering around -26 Celsius, or -14 Fahrenheit for you yanks. In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s fucking cold. Scott, one day you’ll experience this level of unpleasant cold.

black winter gloves

Notice that extra patch between the two fingers? There’s a good reason for that. One’s ring finger and pinky finger actually get colder than any other fingers on a person’s hand, and that’s why they need extra warmth. Actually, no, that’s a complete lie. They’re used for sliding reigns around through your fingers, but since most of you probably don’t ride horses, don’t even worry about it.

What you should worry about, though, is how flexible they are, because these gloves are so flexible they would shame an Olympic gymnast. They’ll be stiff as morning wood for the first few times you wear them, but they’ll quickly soften up, and then you’re good to go. For what, I don’t know… use your imagination.

snowy winter gloves

If you’re find searching for winter gloves a daunting experience, chill out and get a grip, because I promise you, these are the best winter gloves you’re going to find. I mean, at least at this price point. I have no doubt there are gloves for say, the special forces, that are better, but I imagine they’re rather expensive. If you happen to find any that aren’t, please leave me a comment below.

rolling a snowball

This is the real money shot, and the conclusion to my collection of joyously snowy glove photos. Yes, the Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves are warm enough to hold a handful of snow. Go right ahead and blast your friends in the face with your powdery white magic.

Extremely Good Value

If you’re looking for an excellent pair of winter gloves for a decent price, then you can’t go wrong with these. I’ve been using them for a few months now, and for a price as low as $27 USD on Amazon, I truly believe they’re the best winter gloves you can get at that price point. So yeah, try and prove me wrong, jerk.

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