Hands-Free Public Bathroom Door Opener

Forge LLC Toepeer Public Bathroom Door Opener

In most cases, using a public bathroom is something that none of us look forward to using. The entire place is crawling with germs. Many companies out there have helped cut down the spread of germs by coming up with motion sensor soap dispensers, sinks, and paper towel dispensers. But few have paid attention to the very last action we take in a washroom and that is opening the door to leave.

Sure, a few have the automatic door for the handicap but you still have to push that button (I actually use my knee to push that button). But we no longer have to fear the washroom door thanks to the The Toepener which was developed by Forge LLC, a group of students at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. Forge LLC intends on developing solutions for everyday problems and let me tell you, the door at a public bathroom is a problem.

With the Toepener, you can open the door only using one of your feet. All one has to do is press down on the lever, pull back with your foot, and simply walk out. I definitely hope to see this in more public washrooms. The Toepener retails for $49.99.


  1. Mr. Toilet says

    Well, that is a really nice innovation in public bathrooms. Diseases can also be avoided with this one.

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