Video Game Inspired Bras – A Portal to Her… Heart?


We’ve written about Etsy quite a few times over the years. It’s can be a source of both awesome things, and hilariously unusual sexual contraptions. It’s a bit of a toss up for sure, but every so often you stumble onto the former, and it makes the whole experience worth while – especially when it involves boobs.

This collection of hand painted bras from a vendor in North Carolina are the perfect example. I know absolutely nothing about the person creating them, but the bras themselves look absolutely awesome. They’re not nearly as extravagant as the the Alien inspired corset I posted a while back, but they still rank high on the geek scale. More importantly, you’ll have yet another reason to fondle your girlfriends boobs. You got confused, you thought they were part of the controller… right?

Hand Painted Video Game Bras

Video Game Bra

You can play with her controller for a while…

Super Mario Bra

And then you can take a Growth Mushroom, and she can jump on your pipe for a while.

Portal Bra

After that, you can slip into one of her portals for a while. It’s for science, okay?

Hand Painted Nintendo Bra

Then you can go old-school and… oh, I don’t even know anymore. Imagine something dirty, you pervert.

Copy Paste Bra

And this is where it really breaks down, since this isn’t even video game related. Just work with me here, okay? I don’t know how much you can copy, but you uh, paste her with something? Yikes.

More Information

If you’ve sufficiently recovered from my fantastic wordplay, and are looking for more information on these extremely cool bras, then head over to the official SceenShoes website for more details. Before you proclaim your confusion about the store name, just be aware that yes, they also sell hand painted shoes. They’re neat, but not nearly as cool as these bras in my humble opinion. No one ever put shoes on their boobs, at least not that I’ve seen.

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