HabitRPG – The Secret to Building Good Habits


Over the years I’ve tried all manner of “to-do” apps and time management systems. I’ve also read dozens of books on getting things done, forming positive habits, and avoiding procrastination. Hell, I’ve even written a few articles on the subject myself. You see, self improvement is kind of a hobby for me. I’m always on the lookout for new and creative ways to make better use of my time, and avoid stupid shit like biting at my fingers.

What I’ve realized, though, is that many of these systems and apps are missing a key secret ingredient. They often rely on a person to remain motivated on their own, without any external reason to do so. I mean, sure… losing weight is a worthwhile goal in and of itself, but has that ever made it any easier to do?

So what’s missing? What is it about HabitRPG – the habit tracking app I’m about to tell you about – that’s so damn effective?

On Habits and Wishful Thinking

When we begin a quest to lose weight, gain weight, go for walks more often, or any other manner of positive habit we’re trying to form, or negative one we’re trying to break, we often start off positive and motivated. Whatever we’ve devised works for a few days, and then inevitably our willpower starts to wane, we decide x or y really isn’t that important, and we fall into the same shitty habits we’ve always had.

Ugh, awful habit... if only Morgan used HabitRPG

Ugh, awful habit… if only Morgan used HabitRPG

The reason we do this is because there are absolutely no consequences to us not succeeding, at least immediately. If we don’t eat that spinach with our breakfast, nothing is going to happen! No one is going to chastise us, no one is going to tell us we’re being stupid, and nothing will change. But what if something “bad” were to happen if we didn’t stay on track? You know… a consequence. What if a wild animal tore our face off when we skipped the gym, or our computer exploded when we didn’t do our French homework? Or what if we even just lost a few points of “health” in a habit tracking game known as HabitRPG?

The Secret Sauce… Consequence and Gamification

If you’re trying to form a new positive habit, or break an old, negative one, then the secret to success is in creating consequences for not sticking with habits and goals, and gamification – turning the whole thing into a game. HabitRPG does both of these things beautifully by turning the whole experience into an old-school 8bit RPG, complete with experience and hitpoints. As you follow through with habits and tasks, you gain points and gold, and when you don’t follow them, you lose health. If you lose enough health, you die!

It may sound simple, but believe it or not, it works beautifully, and I encourage you to give it a try for yourself. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s so good, that I’m confident you’ll actually stick with it. That’s why I give HabitRPG my coveted three thumbs up!

And remember guys…

“Once you’ve got a task to do, it’s better to do it than live with the fear of it. – Logen Ninefingers”

So sign up now, and begin your quest to become a better man. And while you do it, come back here and tell us all about how it’s working for you. I would love to hear feedback from you awesome readers.

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