Giants of the Wind – Norway’s Cyclopian Wind Turbine Concept


Since God first invented wind some 2000 years ago, the world has been a rather windy place. It blows here and there, and even against my very window as I write this. But we’ve mostly squandered Vishnu’s gift, relegating it for the mere pushing of boats around the ocean. That is, until recently.

During the last few years we’ve seen a massive growth in wind turbine construction and wind energy adoption. The trouble, is that the towers are really not that appealing. In my home city of Vancouver, Canada, we received (or rather, built) a wind turbine up on the mountain a few years ago, and though I praised the energy it produced, well… again, it’s not the prettiest front to a beautifully scenic mountain-scape.

Making Wind Turbines Awesome

This is the construction of the Grouse Mountain wind turbine in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Excellent technology yes, but not the nicest thing to see as you gaze off yonder.

grouse mountain wind turbine

Ah, fresh air… green trees… and wind turbines.

So is that it? Are we really being forced to make a choice between an invaluable source of clean energy, and aesthetics? I certainly thought so, until I saw these concept designs dubbed Giants of the Wind from a design house called Choi + Shine. Any time a company has a plus sign in their name, you know their awesome. But in any case, they’ve designed them for use in Norway, and I just so happen to think that they look rather incredible.

norway wind turbine

Perhaps you’ll disagree, but I think if they moved the actual wind turbine axle down justtt a little bit, say… between the wind giants legs, then efficiency would be doubled. No, I revise that statement… probably even tripled. It’s a known scientific fact that “things” are more efficient down there.

frozen norway landscape

These are rather like jetpacks, or wind packs even, don’t you think? The majestic giants, reaching to the sky to fly away from this frozen hell-scape. Can you really blame them? I live in Canada, which is pretty damn cold; imagine living in Norway!

choi shine wind turbine

Look at this, fuckin’ teamwork in action right here. They’re so excited about the clean energy, that they’re actually giving each other the high five. Good job, boys… good job. You’re like captain planet, but much bigger, and a lot more effective.

The Future of Wind Energy

I have no doubt in my mind that we’re going to see tremendous improvements to the efficiency of wind turbines, but will we see equally impressive improvements to their aesthetics? If Choi + Shine have their way, we most certainly will. Yes, function is undoubtedly important, but the look of a thing is also important. People are often shallow, and will reject something outright if it’s ugly. One of the main arguments against both wind and solar technology is that they kind of look like crap. If we can work towards changing that, then we’ll have an abundant source of energy, and something pretty too. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

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