Getting Stiffed? Try Crowd Funding your Shindigs


So the cycle has begun anew. The New Year has past, my hangover has finally subsided, and I’m back into the regular swing of things at work. Yet, just like every New Years, that which I most dread has occurred. Today I received my bank statement. Now as far as bank statements go I suppose it could be worse. I still have money in my bank account for one, all of my regular bills have been paid, and I’ve still got $25 in my savings account. So all things considered I’m not doing too bad in the finance department. Yet, I’m still sitting lighter than I ought to be, and now I know why.

You see a detailed review of my account statement, and checkbook reveals that not everyone hauled their own weight New Year’s Eve. Yes it was a merry time, and most of my friends made a nice contribution to the festivities. Yet not everyone helped me pay for the keg. This was no $30 keg of Budweiser either, but a special keg filled with only the finest of Ales from the Bell’s brewing company. It wasn’t cheap.

The Secret is Crowd Funding…

Well what’s a guy to do in these types of situations? Well I’m not going to go hounding my friends, and beating down the door of acquaintances. Nor am I going to stop holding little shin digs for my friends and I. No, I believe instead I’m going to start crowd funding some of these group purchases.

Over at Crowdtilt, a nice little niche has been carved out for some of these more personal types of projects. Projects can range from planning a NYE party, to organizing a dunking booth among friends . You simply set a goal, get the contributions rolling, and once it “tilts” everyone’s charged. With a small 2.5% fee it’s a no effort, low cost solution for those of us who are chronically stiffed.

[Photo by Cameron Parkins]

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