GE Cafe Refrigerator With Hot Water Dispenser


I wouldn’t normally write about a refrigerator but now that I’m practically a married man, I have to start looking into all these things that I never cared about before. As long as a fridge looks okay in the man cave and keeps the drinks chilled then it’s okay in my books. But no, GE had to come out with another fridge and give the nagging wife yet another option. The GE Cafe refrigerator with French doors does what every fridge is built to do but it can also provide you with hot water. Pretty cool eh? Well, only interesting if you care for such a feature.

GE Cafe Refrigerator in Action

The GE Cafe refrigerator features a hot water dispenser which can deliver up to 10 ounces of hot filtered water. The refrigerator is pre-programmed with four common heat settings for easy use or it can be set to a customized temperature. The four settings include warm water at 90 degrees, hot cocoa at 150 degrees, hot tea at 170 degrees, and soup at 185 degrees.

GE Hot Water Dispensing Fridge

Even with the new functionality, the GE Cafe refrigerator is still qualified to receive the ENERGY STAR rating. The fridge also has a pretty advanced filtration system which is able to remove 98 percent of five trace pharmaceuticals, LCD screen controls, and a total of 28.6 cubic feet of storage capacity (9 cubic feet in the freezer and 19.6 cubic feet in the fridge). The GE Cafe refrigerator also features an odor filtration system which is quite handy but I would still recommend using a small box of baking soda as a back up.

The unit is currently available in a stainless steel finish and the GE Cafe refrigerator will set you back $3099 from GE’s website or the exact same thing on Amazon for $2,149 from the same company.

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