Garage Door Murals – Because You Can


Does every single house in your neighborhood practically look the same? When I say same, I mean lame. You want your place to stand out just a little bit? Then why don’t you tune your garage door with these amazingly detailed “Garage Door Murals“? A German advertising agency, Zweinullvier Werbeagentur, has come up with something they call “Style-Your-Garage“. The whole concept is that you are able to stick a billboard on your garage door and make it seem as if there is something outrageous inside the garage. There are well over 200 designs from exotic cars to fighter jets and zoos. There are family oriented designs and then there are some I’m sure the church going family down the street will really really enjoy. A single car garage door cover will cost $230 while a double door will cost you $450.

Dedicated to that family down the street I mentioned earlier:
Garage Mural Girls

A few more examples below, but you get the idea!
Garage Murals Forumula One

Zoo Garage Murals

Fighter Jet Garage Mural

But wait, there’s more! They also make murals for doors inside the house just in case you don’t have a garage door. Check out “Style-Your-Door

Bathroom Mural for Door

I’m sure some guys feel like they are trapped as soon as they enter the house and greet the old lady.

Prison Mural Style Your Door

Elevator Mural

A guy can dream, right?
Door Murals For Your Door

In honor of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa!
Wolrdcup 2010 Door Mural


  1. Erin says

    Kind of interested in the prices for the murals. Where do I find out about that? Love throne withthebig tuck in the double car garage

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