Foster’s, Australian for Funny – Alan Patridge Returns

Alan Partrdige's Mid Morning Matters show

I remember seeing the “Foster’s, Australian for Beer” ads back in the day. Foster’s is a world famous beer sold in a number of countries and to my surprise, the beer is actually more popular in the UK than it is in Australia. As part of their advertising campaign, they’ve recruited Alan Partridge, a fictional television and radio presenter played by English comedian Steve Coogan.

Steve Coogan has played Alan Partridge’s character in film, television, and radio, and he’s back at it once more with the Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters show. The show is funded by Foster’s beer and the series can be viewed at Foster’s Funny website. Before heading off, though, check out this Foster’s commercial below. As you watch it, feel gratitude course through your body as you appreciate how un-hairy your back is. If you do have a hairy back, well… I’m so, so sorry. There are treatments for that.

The Ladies Love a Back Beard

Steve Carrel could empathize with this one… yuck. Next up for something a little bit different. If I were dealing with this woman, I think I would probably act about the same.

Brad and Dan Know What’s Up

Below is a deleted scene from the Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters show. Pay close attention to his hair, because it’s absolutely amazing. Perhaps one day I too can rock a greasy side part like Alan.

For more funny videos, check out Foster’s official Youtube channel. If you like beer and hilarity related to beer, then you’re in for a wonderful experience. Just make sure it’s at least noon before you crack a cold one and start watching. I mean, unless you subscribe to the belief that it’s noon somewhere.

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