Flying the Coop – Tips for Moving Away from Home


So my little pigeons, it’s finally time for you fly the coup. Perhaps you’re moving for a new job, maybe for college, or your parents are tired of the Cheeto dust haze that floats around their basement. Either way you’ll need to have a solid plan before affecting your move. Onward to the checklist! 

Moving Away from Home? Remember…

  1. Have your finances in order ahead of time. While this is anecdotal evidence, many friends and some family have found themselves on a cheap bus back to where they came from. A few friends simply overestimated the job market and their relative value in it. Yes they were a great worker, but so were the other 30 applicants for each job available. A few family members simply found that the same amount of money on a job out of state translated into a lower standard of living. Between differences in taxes at the City and State level, you can suddenly find yourself with a rather reduced income.
  2. Try your best not to make a “Blind” move. Any real estate agent or property manager is going to tell you that the neighborhood is just wonderful and totally doesn’t have a vibrant crack head scene. Attempt to actually go and look at some places before making your move. Drive around the neighborhood and bit, and don’t feel shy about quizzing some locals who are walking about or working in the area. You’ll also want to check the housing markets performance, and decide if you’ll be in need of a mortgage broker.
  3. The last big move killer amongst my friends and family have been homesickness. Leaving your support group and the familiarity of home can be a tough transition. You’ll want to definitely start exploring local events in your area as well as establish some new local haunts. Avoid the temptation to simply stay home and turn down social invites. It’s a recipe for depression and is sure to amplify any feelings of homesickness you had before.

Well that’s it for my handy dandy checklist. Hopefully you can avoid some of the more common pitfalls of a big move and finally give your parents the ability to walk around their own house naked. Have fun with that mental image, and good night.

[Photo by Casey Fox]


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