Floating Jeep? The Amphibious WaterCar Panther

WaterCar Panther Ambhibious Car

Finally, an amphibious vehicle that actually looks cool, goes fast on land and water, and can perform pretty decently off-road as well. The WaterCar Panther has been in the making for 14 years now with 27 patents under its belt and a ridiculous number of labor hours has gone into the development of this badass vehicle.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the WaterCar Panther is its resemblance to the Jeep Wrangler and according to the company, a lot of the parts are actually interchangeable with the Jeep CJ8. But this is so much more than a Jeep look alike. You see, this amphibious vehicle features a unique light weight chromyl chassis and engineered to integrate into the composite hull using the latest epoxy adhesion technology. Fancy wording for super glue?? Super glue or not, it’s working for them and it allows them to create the hull and body.

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Watercar Panther Jeep

WaterCar Panther Promo Video

To power the WaterCar Panther, the company went with 3.7-liter V6 engine sourced from Honda which is also used as the outboard motor. The V6 motor produces 250 horsepower which is sent to the rear wheels in “land mode” and also to the patented “Panther Jet” water propulsion system. The switch between land and water mode is made via a four-speed manual gearbox-mounted transfer case.

The top speed of the Panther on pavement is just over 80mph while the top speed out in the water is at a very respectable 44mph. When the vehicle enters the water, the wheels on the Panther are able to retract in about 15 seconds.

WaterCar Panther in the water

The vehicle is offered in three states of completion. For the most inexpensive, you can get the vehicle as a Rolling Chassis for $76,000 which will exclude important things such as the Honda motor, windshield/glass frame, roll bar, doors, and other important goodies. You’ll have to be a handy man for this version.

The second option is the Turn Key Minus will set you back $106,000. With this version, you also do not get the Honda motor, transaxle, intercooler, axles, and the clutch. And the final and most expensive option is the $135,000 complete WaterCar Panther.

I’ll be honest, those prices definitely threw me off. I was expecting something….. more affordable. Oh well, it’s still a pretty wicked ride. Check out WaterCar for additional details.

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