Extreme Activities to Try Before You Die

Skydive at hight altitude

We all have our bucket lists and all those things we dream about doing one day. But the sad reality is, life in general keeps us from doing the things that give us those happy thoughts. Even for me, I have a fairly long list and I’ve only been able to knock one thing from it when it comes to the more adventurous stuff like Bungee Jumping. I don’t know what your list consists of, but below are ten crazy things one should do before they die.

Before you attempt any of these, you might want to get your final will and testament drawn up, and perhaps some life insurance as well. You can click here for the latter, or start browsing around for it. Seriously… this stuff is dangerous, but incredibly rewarding… except maybe the free climbing. 😐


Okay so let’s start with something easy. This one is also on my bucket list and statistically speaking, it is actually pretty safe despite the fact that you are plunging towards the earth and your whole life is flashing before your eyes. Skydiving is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about extreme activities; while it may look scary, it will also be one of the best experiences of your life. I don’t personally know but I know multiple people and they all would do it again without hesitation.

Rock Climbing

Easy right? Think again. I’m not talking about the indoor rock climbing which can also be challenging based on previous experience but I’m referring to the real deal where you go rock climbing on a mountain. For something of this caliber, you definitely need to start with the indoor stuff to practice technique, build strength, and build confidence. And yes, build confidence not cockiness. Even with safety gear and ropes, rock climbing is something I would personally pass on. And once you know what you are doing, you can always try the next thing on our list.

Free Climbing

Alain Robert climbing building

With my skill set, this is pretty much a death sentence. With free climbing, you need the skills of a rock climber but it comes with added danger as there are no safety ropes to save your ass if you happen to make a mistake. This is considered one of the most dangerous extreme sports out there and despite the grave consequences, there are brave crazies out there who take the risks for our viewing pleasure. “The French Spiderman” also known as Alain Roberts happens to be one of these guys who enjoys climbing sky scrapers without any safety devices.

White Water Rafting

If you are not a fan of water then I suggest you take part in this by watching it on your television set. Pretty much every part of the world has extreme rivers where you can take part in this extreme sport. This activity involves paddling down a fast flowing river on an inflatable raft with as many as eight people. The helmet keeps your head safe and the life jacket keeps you afloat but you also have to deal with the powerful currents and tumbling down small and large waterfalls. If you enjoy gulping large amounts of fresh river water, this is the activity to do, so jump on a flight!

Cliff Jumping & Base Jumping

Base jumping from building

Rule number one for cliff jumping is to make sure you aren’t just jumping off of any cliff. With cliff jumping, the idea is to jump off of a cliff or stationary object into water below. It’s an exciting experience as long as you don’t belly flop and of course the height itself doesn’t kill you. And the word BASE is an acronym which stands for buildings, antenna, span (bridge), and earth (cliff).

Base jumping is similar to skydiving except you jump from a fixed position and you generally free fall for a short period of time before you have to deploy a parachute. With some of the more extreme base jumping, people will jump off of a mountain side and use a wing-suit to glide for a distance before they deploy their parachute. No way in hell I would ever attempt it but it’s something to consider if you’re looking for your next adrenaline fix.


Zorbing down a hill

Zorbing doesn’t require much skill on your part but it does take guts to experience it. You are basically strapped into a large inflatable ball and off you go down a hill. You can also decide how well you want to be strapped in or if you want, can bounce around freely as your lunch makes a quick exit out your mouth. The idea of it sounds very fun but I have a feeling I might need to see a chiropractor after zorbing.

That’s just a few of the many extreme activities you can do before you die. Now, let’s just hope you don’t die while attempting some of these. What’s on your bucket list?

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